July 2006

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Took Ethan “swimming” today at the baby pool in our apartment. Actually it was an unplanned occasion, as we had planned on taking him only at 6 months. But while shopping yesterday, we got a really huge bargain on the swim diapers and I promptly bought a pair.Eager to try the swim diapers out, we decided to take Ethan for a quick dip dressed in his new “swimming trunks”. He really looked like a big boy in the trunks, if I might say so myself. Anyway, already 5.5 months, so he should be ready for the pool, given the fact that he kicks and squeals happily during his bath time.

Upon reaching the water’s edge, I went into the pool first and then carried Ethan and sat him on the edge of the wall of the pool. He looked slightly confused - he must be thinking “How did my bathtub get so large?”. I then sat him on my knees, and slowly got him accustomed to the water. But when I tried to make him float on his front, he started making “manja” sounds…never mind, will try again another day.

Ethan’s Day Out

Pete and I took Ethan to church today. He was fidgety and restless throughout church and nearing the end he was really hungry (and angry, I might add!)… so I fed him before we left church.

There is supposedly no water supply today till 7:00p.m. so we decided to spend the day out.

We headed for Gurney Plaza and had lunch at Nando’s where Ethan (again) manja to be carried. It was a field day of window shopping in Gurney Plaza (for mommy, at least!). Ethan boy enjoyed himself a great deal and although he fell asleep on certain occasions, I could tell he was really taking in the sights and sounds, flapping his arms all the time, and staring at everything with those big brown eyes of his.

After Gurney Plaza we went to Penang Plaza, where Ethan basked in all the attention of a sales promoter in Guardian. We had dinner in Cherry Sweet (thab-thim-krob) and left for home after that.

What a tiring (but rewarding) day Pete and I had.

Roll Over!

Ethan boy finally rolled over today! He was relaxing faced up on his mattress and I was just lying next to him. He turned his head to face me and as I spoke to him, he lifted his right leg over his left, used his arms to steady himself and *flipped* himself on his front!

I was ecstatic! Heh… it didn’t matter that Ethan did not know what to do now that he has rolled over. He seemed amused and surprised with the new view he had made himself see, and didn’t mind being on his front at all!

Well, I guess the next step is crawling (gasp!) but for now I will enjoy watching his manouevres while he rolls over every so often.

Here I go….uhhh…uhhh…….ummmph!!



July 2006
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