August 12, 2006

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Second Swim Attempt

Determined to get Ethan accustomed to the water, we took Ethan for another dip in the pool. The baby pool was rather hot and unshady and conquered by some other kids, so we took him to the shallow end of the adult pool instead. There was no one there at that time, so it was the perfect opportunity for him to discover the water. I first went into the pool and showed him how fun it was, splashing on the water.
Then when I carried him in, he started kicking his feet!…. and smiling! Slowly I began floating him in the water, all the time talking to him reassuringly. Our boy was enjoying himself!
He proves to be a water baby after all…

Whee!!! I’m having so much fun!!

Let’s see if I can do this…

I’m bored now Daddy… can we call it a day?

Six full months of drinking breast milk only has earned Ethan the right to move on to solid food. On the menu today, I prepared rice cereal mixed with expressed breast milk, stirred to a runny consistency. We put him in his yellow Bumbo seat, got him garbed in a bib, had a hanky ready and proceeded to feed him.The first mouthful was met with a sour look and a “What’s that you are feeding me, Mommy?” expression.

Most of the cereal dribbled out the corner of his mouth though. He then grabbed the feeding spoon and began to play with it. Of course, we were hoping he would feed himself la…. hehehe… no such luck as he only used the spoon to hit the Bumbo seat and tried to chew on it.

All in all, a successful first attempt and I am not complaining. Six months of exclusive breastfeeding also earned Mommy a “present”: a slice of yummy apple crumble cheese cake :)


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