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Down with Flu

Me, that is…
I was out sick from work yesterday because I had one of my worst bouts of flu ever. I went to see the doc, who prescribed some medicine for me. I was reluctant to take the medicine though, because I was breastfeeding and didn’t want to pass any foreign drug-like substance to Ethan. So I called my pediatrician and told her the names of the medicine I was prescribed. She advised me against taking them because they cause drowsiness and this will be passed on to Ethan through my breast milk.
So to cut the long story short, I didn’t take the medicine at all and instead let nature take its course in healing me by drinking gallons of water and sleeping as much as I could. I could still breastfeed though, albeit I had to wear a mask. Ethan was very kepo and started to touch the face mask I was wearing. Haha…. In fact, by breastfeeding him especially now, I am passing on the antibodies for this strain of flu virus which I had caught. That’s one strain down, and a few hundred more to go….

Yesterday night when Ethan woke up at 10:30p.m. Pete picked him up and very surprisingly, Ethan was able to fall asleep in his arms! Wait a go, Daddy-o!!!Looks like it won’t be long before Daddy can sign up for night duty eh? Heh heh…


Our Ethan boy can stand aided now!We just got back home from our short trip to Ipoh and Taiping over the past 3 days, and when we reached our apartment, Ethan’s face immediately lit up!

I put him in his playard while I brought in our other stuff from the corridor. Next thing I knew, when I checked on him, he was grabbing the edges of the playard, standing away happily! He played with his toys and he looked SO CHEERFUL. It was as though he really missed them all, and he especially missed his home sweet home…

One funny thing I noticed is that Ethan is a very “ai-bin” (eksyen in Hokkien) little fella. He would grab the edge of his cot, stand up and then release one hand and look at us, as if to say “Ta-daa!! I can stand now! Applause please!” A confident young man in the making, perhaps?

Thank God for rusks!

Today I introduced teething rusks to Ethan. Since rusks contain wheat, we only waited till he was 8 months + (which is now) to introduce this complementary food. Upon the recommendation of a friend, I bought Heinz teething rusks, which are supposedly less brittle.Our boy took a liking to the longish rusks immediately! He sucked and nibbled on it, like his life depended on it! And when I took it away from him, he bawled like a …. well…. a baby! I tried a chip of it after that: it is really quite hard, and had no taste whatsoever.

So today while we had our dim sum brunch, we gave him another rusk to occupy himself while we ate. Normally, Ethan, being an active babe (and a demanding one at that too!), would not be able to sit still throughout our entire meal at a restaurant. But today, he had a teething RUSK… so while he busied himself with it, we had a nice non-carrying-baby brunch. Hallelujah to the rusk – definitely a great invention!

Operation Rock-a-Bye-Baby

We are currently at our wits’ end trying to get Ethan to sleep through the night.

Plan A
When he wakes up and cries, we decided that Pete would be the first one to pick him up. Only if he doesn’t quiet down after several minutes, would I go and attend to him.
What Happened
Ethan woke up, cried and Pete carried him from his cot. Ethan kicked and screamed even louder for a good 3-5 minutes. But when Pete passed Ethan to me, he immediately closed his eyes, quietened down and fell asleep. Just like MAGIC.

Plan B
Remove part of the cot bumpers facing our bed, so that he can see his Daddy and Mommy sleeping from his cot (His cot is adjacent to our bed). We even put his favorite soft toys in the cot with him.
What Happened
When he woke up and cried, he immediately rolled over. Although he eventually realized that we were just sleeping nearby, he still kept on waking up frequently. So much for Plan B then.

Plan C
Allow him to sleep with us, as a sign of reassurance and security. Before this, Pete and I were kinda afraid to allow co-sleeping, because we were afraid we would unconsciously roll on top of him. But because we were willing and desperate to try anything now, we thought we would give it a shot.
What Happened
When Ethan woke up at about midnight, we removed his sleeping sack, I breastfed him, he fell asleep and we placed him between us. Guess what? He slept till 5a.m.!

So until we regain our strength and energy lost during the few weeks of sleepless nights, we’ll let him sleep with us.

Since we noticed the shape of little milk teeth forming beneath Ethan’s gums, I became paranoid Mommy and I check his gums for the first signs of teeth EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Well, today on the way out to lunch in the car, I was playing with Ethan in the back seat and when he laughed, I noticed the faintest signs of white emerging from his lower gums! Our boy has cut his first tooth! (First teeth, really)

I was so excited and so was Pete. It’s so rewarding to note that all the nurturing we provided has resulted in his first set of teeth! Cute nye……

My breastfeeding mother friends at work are curious as to how Ethan allows me to open his mouth to check his gums every day. Simple, I replied. I make him clap and then he will open his mouth to laugh and voila! Gums all for me to see!

Ethan with his first two teeth!

About 2 weeks back, we finally upgraded Ethan’s sleeping area from his Graco crib to his white wooden cot. Back when he was but a week old, his white cot looked much TOO HUGE for him. He was so tiny then. The government nurse who came to visit after he was born even commented “Eh, katil besar, tapi baby kecik aje!”. That was then.We had wanted to move his white wooden cot into our room for a really long time since it was apparent that he was getting a little too heavy for the crib. Unfortunately, we didn’t know how to do it, cos the cot looked too long and large to enter our room the conventional (normal) way. Short of dismantling it and reassembling it in our room, Ethan slept in the Graco crib for the good part of his first 7 months.

Aaahh…but then Pete ingeniously thought of a way where we could move the entire cot as-is into our room: Just flipped it vertically! Voila!! Ethan could now sleep in his cot in our room.

However, since we moved the cot into our room, Ethan appears to be waking up more often than usual. We figured it could be due to him teething, but we closely monitored and could see no sign of any white line on his gums (YET).

I hope this “sleepless” phase will soon pass though … SIGH. I have friends with babies who are able to sleep through at the age of 6 weeks, but on the other end of the spectrum, I also know people whose babies are still waking up off and on at the age of 1.

When I delivered Ethan, I was told that he would start sleeping for longer periods of time when he turned 2 months. So I patiently waited. When he still woke up frequently after 2.5 months, I called my girlfriend and she assured me that her daughter only slept through when she turned 3 months.

Well well… 3 months came and went. Ethan is now EIGHT MONTHS OLD and still waking up several times a night! Sometimes to manja, sometimes hungry and sometimes to (get this!!) PLAY!! We hope he will acquire the *art* of sleeping soon and love it as much as Daddy and Mommy do.

Ethan at his sleeping best (afternoon nap)


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