December 22, 2006

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Christmas Tree

I have always wanted a huge (at least 5 ft) Christmas tree for our home. Unfortunately this year, with baby around and all, we just did not have time to hunt for a nice one. We are rather perfectionist in nature, so nothing but the best would do. Next year then…

In the end, we put up our mini Christmas tree which we have had since we were dating. It’s even shorter than Ethan!

Anyway, in a short and brief introduction to our Christmas tree, Ethan wasted no time in “making friends”.

The Gift

This morning, I received a poignant reminder of what Christmas really means in the form of a song from my brother’s entry in his Multiply site.

Who needs Christmas presents?… We already have the gift.

A truly wonderful song which I am going to share with Ethan when he grows up.
Check it out here.

Musical Inclination

We always think of Ethan as a musical person. Even while I was still carrying him in utero, I played music whenever I could. Classical music was his favorite and I could feel him kicking inside whenever we listened to the music. In fact, after he was born and I played the exact same tune, he would smile contentedly, as if he could remember the feeling of security the music brought.When my Mom was helping me out after delivering Ethan, she too sang to him often. It helped soothe and comfort him. And let’s not start about him being attracted to the TV every time I switched the channel to MTV.

Lately, apart from the Christmas carols, Ethan has also taken a liking to dancing to music. I would carry him and hold him while moving around to the music. He can’t walk yet, but I can hardly wait till he can, so that I can teach him to dance with me… I can really tell that he loves it when we “dance” together. His favorites are waltzing to Johann Strauss’s The Beautiful Blue Danube and doing the sexy rumba to Andrea Bocelli’s Besame Mucho. Oh by the way, Pete claims he has two left feet, so it’s just Ethan and me dancing most of the time.


Yesterday Ethan again proved that baby strength is no joke. How? He broke my cup handle.

You see, I have a cup which I place by my bedside so that if I am thirsty in the middle of the night, I don’t have to get up and go into the kitchen for a glass of water (lazy ma…). Now, Ethan’s cot is right next to my bed, and hence the cup is reachable through the cot railings.

He must have been a little bored with his soft toys in the cot last evening, because he reached through the railings and tried to grab hold of my cup. He finally managed to grasp the handle, and silly silly me… I expected him to hold on to it, and move it all the way up to get the cup, but our boy just held on to the cup handle and pulled the cup towards him - well obviously the cup was way too big to go through the cot railings and the handle broke! Aiyo…. there goes my cup…


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