December 28, 2006

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One Wish…

There’s this Toyota Vios ad that comes on ESPN quite often. It starts with these 2 castaways on a deserted island. They find a lamp, rub it and Poof! … A genie appears.

Genie: For freeing me, I’ll grant each of you one wish.

First castaway whispers his wish in the genie’s ear.


First castaway jumps for joy as the genie has granted his wish of a brand new silver Toyota Vios.

Second castaway (hits his head in an appalled and shocked manner): What?!!!

Second castaway then whispers his wish in the genie’s ear. TV viewers think he is wishing for something better or more sensible than his friend’s wish.


Second castaway: Ah yes! Yes!!!

Second castaway jumps up and down in excitement as he embraces his granted wish of a brand new *black* Toyota Vios.

All three (2 castaways and genie) are seen jubilating as the ad ends.

Ethan is fascinated with this ad. Every time it comes on, he will stare at the TV transfixed. It could be because we keep on saying this phrase over and over again, especially when we *free* him from his sleeping sack:
“For freeing me, I’ll grant each of you one wish.”


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