Messy messy messy!

Yesterday morning, I prepared oatmeal for Ethan for his breakfast.  I had purchased a set of baby fork and spoon for him a few weeks back and being a little adventurous, I thought it was high time I took them out for him to try.  This first time round, I only used the spoon.  I blanched his baby oatmeal in some hot water to make it a smoother consistency and then added some organic soya bean milk which I had bought yesterday.  Being curious, I tried a little of my concoction and it tasted fantastic!

I then placed the oatmeal into Ethan’s bowl in front of him together with the baby spoon.  He immediately took to it like a duck to water.  I demonstrated to him how it should be done, and he was fascinated.  He attempted to feed himself and gosh, it was certainly a mess all right.. but can you tell that he is having so much fun?


May 2007
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Woo…everything is BLUE…
fortunately his day wasn’t blue! :)

Joyce says: Ethan’s day was bright and cheerful all right..the complete opposite of blue!

haha… my Sean will throw the spoon and bowl…

Joyce says: Ethan will throw his bowl too, if the bowl did not have a bottom suction that keeps it securely fixed on the tray.

Very interesting - he didn’t smear his face. Thought he’s putting in his ear but he went straight for his mouth. Must be having great fun! Ha! Ha!

Joyce says: Next step is to get him to use the spoon, scoop up the food and into the mouth…as opposed to hitting the tray and bowl with it!