Showers of Blessings

Yesterday I had to give Ethan his nightly warm bath on my own since Daddy had an eye infection and was resting.  Being too lazy to take out his bath tub and all, I gave Ethan a shower instead.  Ethan is no very used to water flowing on top of his head and all over his face.  Initially he’d protest, but over time, he has somehow gotten the hang of it and now merely wipes his face vigorously when the water flows down.

Giving Ethan a shower is always funny because as soon as I turn on the shower, he will start yelling loudly like nobody’s business.  Last night was no different.  Amid all the yells and squeals, he reached out to play with the streams of water from the shower nozzle and screamed in delight when I showered him down.  Now, isn’t that therapeutic after a hard day’s work?


May 2007
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can keep the bath tub for # 2…..:-)

Joyce says: Oh of course..but we still use the bath tub now and then though, because Ethan likes to sit in the tub and play with the water!

jo started his shower when he was 7 months old..hehe..i just don’t like bath tub as that time my toilet is quite small..

Joyce says: Wow…7 months! That’s really early. Does he complain about the water falling down his face?

hahaha! I also just started Darrius on the shower as I was too lazy to fill the tub with water! Darrius is enjoying himself too except for the water going onto his face part! Oh, I bought a non slip mat for Darrius too as it can get quite slippery in the bathroom.

Joyce says: I agree! Ethan grabs on to me whenever he feels like he is going to fall.