The Fun-filled Gurney Deviation

Last Monday we took our car for servicing at the Toyota Service Center near the E&O Hotel.  We walked to the Tai Tong dim sum place in Kimberley Street and after that walked to Prangin Mall and Komtar.  Since it was only 9:30a.m. then, almost all the shops were still not open.  We then decided to take a cab to Gurney Plaza instead, because trust me, how many rounds of going up and down the escalators with Ethan can we keep up with? ;)

Obviously we did not have the baby car seat with us, so Ethan had to sit on my lap all the way to Gurney Plaza (decided to close one eye la, because cannot be helped ma).  We hung out at Gurney Plaza for about an hour, where Ethan played to his heart’s content at the play area (interrupted by a pangsai incident), hopped over to Toys R Us and then took a cab back to Toyota to collect our vehicle.  Oh yeah, and of course we FINALLY collected Ethan’s studio photography album.


June 2007
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wow, u guys walked from toyota service center to Kimberley Street then Prangin Mall…bravo! Salute u!

Joyce says: Yeah…quite near actually. And it’s good exercise…plus weight training (carrying Ethan) too! Pete and I did the same walking trip even when I was pregnant actually.

Wow… Ethan has his own studio photography album? Cool! Hope we get to see pictures of that some time in the future… Hehehe.

Joyce says: Hmmm…perhaps I should post them on his blog too eh? If you come to Penang, I’ll show them to you!

you went for dim sum again? hehehe…:)

Joyce says: Yeah, don’t tease me la… :P It was dim sum at a different shop.

remember to bring along the alburm when we meet during play group session yeah!!

Joyce says: Oh definitely. Not a problem!

Looking forward to see Ethan’s album next trip to Penang.

Joyce says: Your wish is my command! Hehehe…

I can’t wait to see what is in the album.

Joyce says: Nothing in there for you to eat la :P

hey! what a dear little boy you hv…
and he looks 98% like u! haha

Joyce says: Thank you, Pink Cotton! :D My hubby gets 2% only hoh? *wink*

I want to seee photoooooos

Joyce says: Comin’ right up! :D

I want to see too! Too bad you are not coming to the play group this week :(
Actually, we are also trying to take a family photo with Charlotte and Simba (our dog) but don’t know when. Maybe I should give my hubby a little push…

Joyce says: Oh of course I will bring the album along during the next playgroup. How nice, a family photo…we should probably do one too soon - can borrow Simba or not? I spotted Ethan being very interested in him :)

Don’t forget to share Ethan’s photos with the group of mommy.

Joyce says: Will do :)