That’s the word our babysitter Mrs Tan uses to describe Ethan, meaning he loves to play around and basically well …. just enjoy himself.  Pete loves kids and now Ethan is at an age where he can respond adorably to our antics.  Pete would sometimes crawl on his hands and knees and pretend to chase after Ethan.  Ethan would then *run for cover*, normally this is behind Mommy’s legs.  Ethan loves to hug our legs nowadays.  He will run really quickly towards us and (without braking) grab hold tightly of our legs.  His favorite is also to crawl around our legs, round and round.  Sometimes when Pete *threatens* playfully that he is gonna tickle Ethan, Ethan would shriek loudly and bend his body forward while giggling, as if to protect himself from being attacked.

SIGH…I really wonder how Mrs Tan handles our active and mischievous boy… :)


June 2007
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Nanny always has great idea to control kid, that’s i always believe though i don’t know what tricks nanny would use, i found that Jo behaved more better during the care by his nanny. Now, just so terrible

Joyce says: Hmmm…probably kids know that they can *manja* more with the parents?

Boys are naturally more active than girls… *grin* My mum babysat my nephew from 6 months till he was almost 3 so I lived thru his antics. Kids… they’re like the Energizer bunny… they just go on and on and on and on…

Joyce says: I know…so how do we ever keep up with them? Well, at least I get my exercise that way.