June 22, 2007

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Up till now, Ethan still does not want to drink his Isomil from the bottle.  He will only take it if it is mixed with cereal, oats or rusks.  Last Friday, Mrs Tan tried feeding him Isomil from the bottle again.  She told me she only made up a 2oz feed.  Ethan took one suck and pushed the bottle away, then proceeded to nibble on the bottle nipple, totally refusing to take the milk anymore.  In fact, Mrs Tan had also tried feeding him the milk with a straw but to no avail.  He still doesn’t want it.

I then told Mrs Tan she could try two other alternatives:

1. Rub a little breast milk on the bottle nipple before feeding him the Isomil in the bottle.
2. Mix some Milo with Isomil before feeding him.

So this week, Mrs Tan tried alternative no. 1 first.  Nope…didn’t work.  So she went with the second alternative.  Last weekend, I had already tried giving Ethan some Milo from the tetrapak and after the initial spillage, he took a few sucks of the Milo…so I knew he was all right with the taste.  When Mrs Tan mixed 2oz of Isomil with one teaspoon of Milo, she told us she covered the bottle with a cloth, to prevent Ethan from noticing it was brownish in color, lest he suspect something was amiss.  He kept wanting to unwrap the cloth around the bottle though…but eventually, he finished the 2oz!  And yesterday he took another 2oz the same way too!  Have we found a winner?  I would think so!  I’m going to buy Milo to try out at home this weekend.  Who would have thought Isomil *disguised* with Milo would do the trick? :D

Climbing is one of Ethan’s favorite past times now.  He loves climbing up the sofa, climbing up his toy train (it looks pretty dangerous, because the train has wheels and our boy will try to climb on top of the seat), and anything else that is worth climbing.  In fact, Mrs Tan our babysitter has also reported that Ethan has been quite the climber recently.  Traits of a boy emerging, eh?

Last weekend, when we were at the play area in Gurney Plaza, Ethan happily ran to the slide and started attempting to climb up it.  No, he did not use the slide ladder, instead he climbed *up* the slide…yeah, the part where we are supposed to slide down.  The first attempt saw him climb one or two steps up and then he slid down, then he held on to the sides, put one foot on the slide, followed by another and then slid down again.  I could see the persistence and determination in his face (which mirrors mine…*ahem*) when he tried again and again, and he finally succeeded.  Hey, this takes immense upper body strength okay?

Now, he can also climb up his Fisher Price chair on his own and watch TV … yeah, like a tua-tow-keh…  Look at how he is enjoying himself!


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