A New Friend Found

While we were out shopping in Queensbay Mall yesterday, we decided to stop by the CIMB Bank branch there because we had to draw some money.  Well well, who should we bump into there but Angeleyes herself!  She recognized us immediately and it was so good to finally meet her in person.  Her Darrius was running around nearby and was extremely friendly when we introduced Ethan to him.  Darrius was all elder-brotherly-like and even tried to hug Ethan!  Ethan on the other hand was pretty shy but still, I managed to catch a few moments of *male-bonding* between the two little boys  :P    Don’t you think they both look similar?

By the way, I must apologize for the poor quality of the photos, because the area was pretty dark, and also it is rather difficult taking a good photo of two active toddlers!


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hahaha! That was quick!
I’ll be putting up soon… :P
Nice meeting you and your clan too!
My Darrius was over friendly… hope he did not frighten Ethan!

Joyce says: Nah…Ethan was just shy! I thought you would have beat me to it! Hehehe…

you mean you guys didn’t know each other before this?? Wow!

Joyce says: No, before that day, we only knew each other through pictures, emails and chats.

Gosh… I haven’t even met a single blogger yet! And Ethan has beat me to it even at a tender age!

Joyce says: You haven’t? Well well… we’ll have to make a change to that now, won’t we?

Then you guys should meet up more often…

Joyce says: Good idea, will keep that in mind!