Karaoke Prince

Who would’ve thought Ethan would inherit the love for karaoke singing from Mommy? I’m referring to his amazing ability to sing to the Little Einsteins theme song. Of course, he can’t sing along to all the words in that song just yet, but it’s certainly a start. Even without the words displayed on the TV screen, he will sing along to the “Aaaaahhhhh…..” part when the theme song of Little Einsteins plays. He also does the same thing when I sing the song to him, but he prefers it now with musical accompaniment. Oh yeah, the real lyrics actually go “Rrrrrrrrrrrr….” but Ethan does it HIS way :P

We’re going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship
Zooming through the skies, Little Einsteins
Climb aboard, get ready to explore
There’s so much to find, Little Einsteins
We’re going on a mission, start the countdown
Everyone to rocket, rev it up now…….

The first part of this video is his more subdued rendition of the song, followed by a livelier, extended remix, as you can hear me saying in the background :P


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It won’t be long now before he starts asking mommy for a mic and for trips to the karaoke! LOL!

p.s. Hey Ethan boy, wanna do a duet with jiejie? *grin*

Joyce says: Haha…so what songs can you duet with him on?

haha..this is also Ern’s fav song. Let’s see when we can let them sing the ‘rrr” & “err” versions…

Ethan is so cute…

Joyce says: Potential duet? *wink*

oh!!! His timing is really “chun” too!!! I think a few of us can form a little singing group or music class soon eh?

Joyce says: I’m up for it! :D

ahahahah so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Joyce says: :)

so cute yur lil boy look sitting on the floor like tat!

Joyce says: Can you tell he is so engrossed with the program?

he’s so cute…rrrr…
he has a lot of toys!

Joyce says: We are finding a tough time keeping all of them.

hey, your mr.bulat looks like ang mor leh…
cute! his head is really bulat…:)

Joyce says: Heh heh.. a lot of people have given me that comment. Thanks! :)

So adorable! New artist in the making, I bet!

Joyce says: Yes, I am gearing him up for American Idol :D

Hahaha…so cute la..aiyo..I geram with him..can cubit ah..hehe..Little Einstein is also Ian’s favourite ler…he has been watching since he was young..now he is a bit bored with it liao..

Joyce says: I guess it is just a phase of growing up *moves Ethan away so he doesn’t get cubit-ed*

cute cute cute…. he love it lei, somemore clap the hand, look so joyful… music always good for kids. My boy like music too.

Joyce says: Music really does magic for kids :)

Hehe… Darrius also turning into a K-ok prince….

Joyce says: Wah…really ah? Then we must have karaoke contest liao…

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Joyce says: Thanks for the link, babywish!