October 2007

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Ethan at 21 Months

Scrap Credits
Slightly Rugged kit from
Pam Lefors Designs
Stitched felt frame from Lindsay Jane Designs
Harvest Spice alphas & elements from Shabby Princess Designs


11-11.5 kilos. Weighed in during last visit to Dr Jessica, Oct 26 2007.


Circa 83cm. Yesterday he was asleep on the bed in a rather straight position, so I took the opportunity to measure him with my measuring tape.


Eight incisors, with 4 pramolars fast appearing, all at the same time!

Motor Skills

  • He loves to stand on one foot, especially when taking his shower.
  • He can sometimes climb up short steps on his own. Scary but true. And I have witnessed it before. In fact, he climbed up 3-4 steps last week all by himself!
  • When he wants to climb down a step, and no one is around to help him, he will turn his body round, and go down backwards, i.e. holding the floor and stepping down backwards one step at a time.
  • Ethan’s favorite spot in Queensbay Mall is the slope area right outside Fila, just a short walking distance away from Nando’s. He would run up the slope very quickly and then go down the stairs, reaching out for assistance from us. Or he would go up the stairs and then rush down the slope. He now knows the area like the back of his hand and would giggle loudly and run excitedly towards it whenever we are there. Just watching him play really makes our day.
  • Ethan can make the symbol “6″ with his hands (i.e. one hand with all fingers open out and the other hand with just the index finger held up). Lately he has also started experimenting with “7″ (i.e. extending the index finger hand to show the thumb AND the index finger).
  • Tries to take off his shoes on his own. When he is in his car seat, we always take off his shoes for him, to avoid him from touching his shoes and then his face or his mouth. Now, he wants to help by undoing the velcro on his shoes too.

Communication and Social Skills

  • Says “Bah!” when he refuses something, or when he has had enough of something.
  • Says “sssh” or “sssss” - for “fish”. Also says it when he sees the view of the sea, or when he realizes we are on our way to Queensbay Mall.
  • To Ethan, “Whale” is “loliloliloliloli….”. It must be the “l” pronunciation.
  • Keeps repeating some *words*, one of them is “chee-yap” or “chiap”.  We don’t know what that means yet.
  • He is learning to say “Baby Einstein”, because every time he requests to watch the DVD, he would point and say something, but I have yet been able to catch what he says, although it is a 4-syllable word.
  • Ethan pants excitedly when he is anticipating something he likes, like just before we drive down the ramp after exiting the Queensbay Mall car park.
  • Able to give lip-smacking flying kisses to perfection.
  • He has also recently learnt how to give me a hug.  When I ask him for a hug, he would reach out both his arms and then wrap them around me, while patting my back affectionately.
  • It goes without saying that Ethan is now a very intuitive little boy. When he senses that we are ready to go out, he will run to the door and stand by it, waiting for us to open the door. When we reach the lift lobby, he will stand in front of the doors of the lift and run into the lift when it opens. He will also run out when the lift reaches our floor. We actually need to be very careful just in case he runs out at the wrong floor. Ah, but there was one time, the lift opened at the wrong floor and I asked him to go out (silly me!) and he stayed put. I guess he is observant too, eh?

Food and Feeding

  • Ethan is now becoming very adamant about feeding himself. At times, I would start off feeding him and then he would try to grab the spoon and fork and insist on feeding himself. He will make a mess, yes. But I suppose that is the only way he will eventually learn. Some of the food does get in, though.
  • We are in the process of weaning him from the breast, but there is not much significant success yet.  Although he can go without breast milk while I am at work (he will lead Mrs Tan into the kitchen to request her to make him a feed of formula), he rejects the bottle whilst he is at home.  When we offer him the bottle, he will take the bottle cap and attempt to close it.
  • He loves drinking (especially ice lemon tea) from a straw. He would hold the straw and then imitate the stirring gesture we adults sometimes make, and the drink from it. But just the other day when I ordered carrot juice, I thought the fancy color and cup would entice him to drink it, but nope, I was wrong.  Feeding himself was more attractive then :P

Scrap credits: Another Boho Love Affair Kit from retrodiva {designs}â„¢

Maybe it took Ethan a little bit longer to master the art of blowing kisses, better known as the “flying kiss”.  Well, maybe he thought it was considered not *macho* to do it then.  Heh.  Well, it takes a real MAN to be able to do it anyway.  And you know what, Ethan can do it amazingly well now.  The wait has certainly been well worth it.

Now he will constantly pepper his goodbyes with a lip-smacking kiss, putting his hand to his mouth, and giving a really loud kiss for added effect.  And when we say the magic word, i.e. “flying kiss”, he will give one in an equally adorable manner.

Even yesterday night, after Dr Jessica had given him his 2nd JE booster jab, and although he cried a little after that, when we were about to leave the clinic, he smiled at the doctor, waved buh-bye and blew her a kiss.  Ain’t that sweet?

Magazine Reader


We noticed that Ethan has recently discovered a love for reading magazines.  Well, actually he only likes the Astro magazine and will keep on flipping through it page by page. He really looks forward to the arrival of the Astro magazine in our mailbox every month, and he would even request that I open it up for him when it arrives.  In fact, he has already finished “reading” November’s issue, but he never gets tired of doing it over and over again. Sometimes we tease him and ask him if he could let us know what program is coming on at a particular time.  :)

Scrap Credits
Alphas - Sweet Serenity by Shabby Princess
Frame - All Torn Up by retrodiva {designs}â„¢
Buttons - Sun Porch by Amy Teets

Lately, Ethan has taken a liking to combing his hair. Yes, even with the very little and fine hair he has, Ethan still enjoys holding the comb and combing his hair over and over again. I first noticed him doing that during our recent KL trip. He must have noticed his Daddy performing this combing action and is imitating him. Ethan would walk over to our dressing table, reach for Daddy’s comb (yes, he can reach now), retrieve it and comb his hair with it. When we try to take the comb away from him, he would protest loudly. Whenever he sees Daddy combing his hair, Ethan would be enthralled and would want to do the same too.

So I dug out one of the small hotel souvenir combs I had in my collection and gave it to Ethan for him to practise combing. Ah…the little little things that make him glad :)

I asked Mommy for permission to put up another post as a guest blogger since it is a post for her birthday.  And I am so glad she said okay :)

Last Saturday, Daddy, Mommy and I went to the E&O hotel for Mommy’s birthday eve lunch.  They had seafood fried rice that day and I was very eager to show off my self-feeding skills.  I get a kick out of eating using the spoon all by myself, and feel a sense of accomplishment when Daddy and Mommy tell me “Good Boy!”  As you can see, I enjoyed myself very much and was very reluctant to leave the place.  I love to play with the window sills and run around the restaurant.  After lunch, Daddy, Mommy and I took a short leisurely stroll by the sea.  But it was only for about 5 minutes or so, then I ran back inside, with Mommy and Daddy hot on my heels.  Some good exercise I gave them after the buffet eh? :)

On Sunday (Mommy’s birthday), I woke up and gave Mommy the sweetest smile ever and hugged her.  Then I asked her to go out of the room with me because I just poo-pooed in my pants. 


That very same day, Ah Ma and Ah Kong from Taiping came to Penang to visit together with Kor-kor.  We went to Maple Gold for lunch with Ah Chek and Aunty Christine also.  Here, I had the opportunity to show off my drumming skills with a pair of chopsticks.  Then I had yummy steamed rice with tofu and vege for lunch.  I bet Daddy and Mommy must have been very proud of me because I finished about one bowl of rice! :)  Of course, when I found that feeding myself with the spoon took a very long time, I decided to use my hands instead.

Mommy had a birthday cake too.  Daddy was singing a Happy Birthday song really loudly but I haven’t learnt it yet.  I hope to be able to sing that song next year for Mommy.

A holiday would not be complete without good food, now would it? And the recent holiday we had was not spared.  Here’s a rundown of what Ethan had during our recent holidays.  Trust me, this boy can really eat! … and he appreciates good food too!

Kai see hor-fun in Ipoh - he slurped every strand of the smooth koay teow in reckless abandonment. And he had it twice, once on Saturday and once again on Sunday before we left. Oh, how he would have loved the Lou-Wong kai see hor fun… never mind, we go next time okay?

Chicken rice in Ipoh - just like his Daddy, Ethan adores chicken rice, so much so that I might not have enough for myself the next time, since he shares the food with me!

Shrimp Aglio (linguini) in Italiannies, The Gardens - Ethan enjoys his pasta with his fingers, and this time, he also made use of his personal cutlery.  It was a joy just watching him lick the spoon clean and ermmm….also performing other stunts with it.  The linguini was perfecto, just the way I like it too! 

Chicken sausages, rice crispies, corn flakes and pink guava juice at The Crowne Plaza’s buffet breakfast - after he tired of the sausages, I poured some cereal for him in a bowl. He would then reach into the bowl and eat them diligently. He then figured it would be easier to move the bowl closer to him on his high chair tray, so he lifted the entire bowl nearer to him :P And yes, pink guava juice is Ethan’s favorite beverage at any buffet breakfast. He will request for it and then drink it up as if someone was gonna take it away from him.

Chawan mushi with rice at Ichiban Boshi, Pavilion KL - We were all very hungry when we arrived at the restaurant and Ethan must have downed the entire cup of chawan mushi and even taxed a little bit from Daddy too!   He was so full that we simply had to let him run around and explore The Pavilion for exercise after lunch :)

Oh, and Ice Lemon Tea everywhere we go.

Very soon I bet Ethan would be able to eat many many more things.  And I am confident of this because during the Raya holidays, I spotted not one, not two, not three, but FOUR pramolars appearing on his gums, all at the same time!

We had planned on visiting the Aquaria during this trip to KL because we knew that the Crowne Plaza was very near KLCC. However, little did we know that “very near” meant that the Aquaria was just within walking distance from the hotel! We were in luck! We only had to take the connecting escalators from the hotel, which brought us to the side of Wisma UOA along Jalan Pinang, and from there, it was just a short walk across the road to the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center where the Aquaria was located. (Actually at first we went all the way to the Mandarin Oriental and then we had to patah balik when the kind receptionist from MO showed us the correct way. Heh.)

Anyway, when we arrived at the Aquaria, there was already a tremendously long queue waiting to purchase tickets to go in. I quickly joined the queue while Pete had the honorary task of taking care of Ethan. Our little big boy was very active and kept wanting to go up and down the nearby escalators. At times, he would come and look for me in the queue and at other times, he would rather wander around the entrance of the Aquaria.

When we finally got our tickets (entrance for Ethan was free, of course), we went in, eager to see if the Aquaria was anything like the Underwater World in Singapore. Ethan was fascinated by the all the fish and underwater life and kept saying “shhh…shhhhh” (that’s how he says “fish”).

However, all the fish and turtles were forgotten when Ethan saw the underwater tunnel. He began to struggle to indicate that he wanted freedom to run about. I tell ya, it was so difficult to get a proper picture in the tunnel because Ethan ran so fast! There was a moving walkalator that moved all through the underwater tunnel too, and Ethan was walking and running on it as well. It was tiring for us too, because we had to stay close behind him. Sometimes, when he found that his path was blocked, he would either scream for the people to move aside or he would just push them aside. And if these methods did not work, our boy would just barge through. Tsk tsk… And if that’s not enough, after practically running through the entire tunnel, he ran to the beginning and started all over again. We must have gone through about three rounds that day!

Well, in the end, we finally carried him, protesting and screaming to the exit. Thankfully there was an escalator there to distract him. Pete wanted to take a picture of Ethan and me in front of a model of the jaws of a shark (I think), but this is what came out of it:

This time round, our holiday in the Klang Valley was not spent at the Mutiara Damansara area staying at our usual Royale Bintang Damansara hotel. My Dad and Mom presented Pete and I with a night’s stay at the Crowne Plaza Mutiara KL as an early wedding anniversary present, so we stayed in the heart of the city instead. We checked in on Sunday at about 3p.m. and Ethan was very excited about the gorgeous room, furnished with tasteful decor, and kept running around the entire room (as usual). The baby cot was brought to our room promptly and placed beside our bed. Yes, the speed at which the cot arrived was a very good impression of the hotel indeed.

The room we stayed in came with a shower stall and also a bathtub in the washroom. And our little big boy Ethan had the opportunity to try both. On Sunday night, he showered in the stall, and played peekaboo with us through the glass doors. Obviously there is something fascinating about peeking through glass doors while showering. Then on Monday morning, we put him standing in the bathtub together with his yellow froggie bathmat and gave him a shower. He was intrigued with the shower nozzle that could be pulled out from the shower tube outlet and he was enthralled by the tap, which was within his reach. Of course, he wanted to play for the longest time with the water, but we had to take him out of the tub because we could tell he was already shivering :P

Scrap Credits: Sweet Serenity kit from
Shabby Princess 

After Ipoh, we made a trip to KL.  Apart from shopping and sightseeing, part of our agenda was also to visit Ethan’s almost-one-month-old cousin Jonathan.  We arrived at Paul’s apartment on Sunday evening, and since we had to wait for a while before we left for dinner, Pete and I decided to take Ethan for a short walk around the apartment grounds.  It was the first time for us too, in fact.  And this was an excellent opportunity for Ethan to get his dose of exercise.

Ethan laughed when he saw the little kids running around and swimming in the pool.  And then he caught sight of the fountain.  He paused for a moment, but only for a moment….then he started giggling away.  I carried him up a few steps to get a better view of the fountain and he reached out his hands to play with the water.  Never mind that it resulted in his face being splashed, he had a whale of a time!  Well, we all did.

Scrap Credits: Sun Porch kit by Amy Teets

A four-day weekend awaited us in conjunction with the Hari Raya holidays, so we decided to make a trip to Ipoh on Saturday.  Ethan’s  Ah Ma and Ah Kong would certainly be pleased to see him. :) For some reason, Ethan was very restless the entire journey, choosing to scream his lungs out, so much so that I had to move to the back seat to entertain him.

Anyway, we arrived in Ipoh sometime after lunch on Saturday and Ethan wasted no time in getting acquainted with his surrroundings.  He loved to climb atop the chairs in the living room, sat there for a moment, and then ran into my room and closed and open the door.

But what fascinated him a lot was probably the piano.  I put him on my lap and allowed him to touch and *play* on the keyboard. Soon enough, to our horror, he even figured out how to lift the cover of the piano!  Yep, he was tall enough to reach now… We really had to keep our eyes peeled on him at all times!  He would then lead me to the piano chair and ask to be placed on my lap so that he could proceed with his *masterpiece*.

Yes, I am very proud of my little big boy, the maestro at work.

Scrap Credits: Dinner Party Kit by Shabby Princess & Sara Carling

We attended two wedding dinners over a span of two weeks. Ethan boy, of course, joined in the celebrations too. Although we had taken him to other wedding dinners before, these two which we attended had loud “yum seng” (toasting) sessions.

At the first dinner, when they first did the “yum seng”, Ethan was startled at first. Of course it didn’t help that we were seated very close to the speakers and the stage then. But he overcame the shock and was soon happily participating in it. As the night wore on, every time the crowd said “yum seng”, Ethan will say “Aaaaaahhhhhhh…”.

Same thing happened last Sunday at the second wedding dinner we attended. With full of energy and enthusiasm, Ethan said “Aaahhhhhhhh…” whenever we said “yaaaaaaammmmmm….”, but he is still in training to complete the toast by saying “Seng!”

Last night, Pete and I enjoyed a glass of wine each. Oh, relax… I had just a pack. Nothing to be concerned about. Anyway, when Ethan saw the two glasses of red wine, he went, “Aaaaaahhhhhh……” Ain’t he smart for associating wine with toasting? Funny thing is, during the 2 wedding receptions we attended, no wine was served. Hmmmmm…. *ponders*

Ethan at 20 Months

Scrap Credits: Urban Kiwi Kit from Shabby Princess


At least 10 kilos. Cannot carry him for long periods because:

  • it hurts
  • he will struggle and attempt to break free because he wants to walk around on his own.


Haven’t taken his height for some time now, but he is definitely growing taller. He can reach for stuff on our dining table already.  Sometimes I look at him fast asleep in his cot and am amazed at how much he has grown!


Still eight. But he is VERY excited about brushing his eight teeth every day now :)  I taught him to hold the toothbrush under running tap water and thereafter, moving the bristles back and forth in his mouth.  However, I sometimes catch him biting the bristles instead of brushing with them.

Motor Skills

  • Can lead us to wherever he wants to go.  For example, if he wants to eat yogurt, he will take us by the hand, and lead us to the refrigerator.  Sometimes, he will even take my hand and place it on the fridge handle. 
  • He is able to correctly put in more shapes into his shape sorter.  I have noticed him putting in the red circle, green flower and yellow oval, to name a few.
  • Loves running around in wide open spaces.  Ah Kongs and Ah Mas are advised to be cautious because he will outrun them. 

Communication and Social Skills

  • Ethan has learnt how to associate certain actions with certain things, to the point of sometimes imitating what we do:
    • If he grabs hold of a key (house keys, car keys), he will walk towards a door and try to put the key into the keyhole.
    • If he grabs hold of a pen or pencil, he will imitate writing on a piece of paper.  Sometimes he will take my little red journal and pretend to write on it.
    • He will take the telephone receiver and put it to his ear, while blabbering away.  When we say “Hello..?” he will take whatever he is holding and place it to his ear. If his hands are empty, he will just put one hand to the ear.
    • He has learnt how to associate the couch and the bed with drinking milk.  When I sit on the couch, he will request for milk. Or he will take me by the hand and lead me to the room when he is ready to sleep.
  • He has attained the stage of the Terrible Twos, albeit a few months early.  Some traits we have noticed are:
    • When he is riding in our car, he will start screaming in complaint when the car slows down or comes to a halt.  At times his screams are so high-pitched I have to cover my ears.
    • When we want to carry him when he does not want to be carried, he will try to run away. Other methods of escape he has employed are:
      • Screaming in protest
      • Crouching on his front commando style, so it is very difficult for us to carry
      • Struggling and kicking
  • One of the things he is learning is animal sounds.  When I say “The cow goes?”, he will say “Mmmmm” (sounds like Moo).  But when I say “The dog goes?”, he will also say “Mmmmm”.  I need to work on this still :P
  •  He can say a few *words* now.  He is not very consistent in saying them yet, but we are seeing some progress in this arena:
    • Mommy (yesterday morning, I woke up startled when I heard Ethan saying loudly and clearly “Mommy!”  He was still fast asleep and dreaming though)
    • Daddy (last week, he greeted Daddy at the door after Daddy’s futsal game with a cheerful, “Hi Daddy!”)
    • Lolilolilo… (we don’t know what this is yet, but we suspect it is Ethan’s attempt at imitating some singing on TV.  He says this when he hears the StarWorld theme song and also some Indian songs)
    • Pecah pecah pecah… (at first we thought he was saying Pete’s name, but we are still not sure now)
    • Ngam ngam ngam or yum yum yum (when eating something tasty.  Sometimes he smacks his lips too)
    • Buh buh (bye-bye) - said while waving buhye
    • Mai (”Don’t want” in Hokkien)
    • Zebra (of course any other four-legged animal is a Zebra to him too)


Anything and everything except peanuts, shellfish and alcohol.  He loves ice lemon tea and vanilla ice cream, by the way.

The rain did not dampen our spirits.
The traffic jam all the way downtown was a minor hurdle we overcame.
The gloominess was dealt a 180 degrees turn because it was Daddy’s birthday last Saturday (Yay! Cue Ethan boy to clap his hands with glee), and to celebrate, we all went to the E&O to savour the lunch buffet spread there.

I had heard that the buffet there is very good and that the spread had a lot of variety, so I was curious to see for myself. It was once again good to visit the E&O because it brought back good memories of our wedding 3 years ago.

The buffet lunch was at Sarkies Corner and as usual, I was charmed by the old world setting in the restaurant. The atmosphere was relaxed and very casual, with fantastic service from the restaurant staff. The food was marvelous, to say the least. I hardly ever take fried rice at buffets, but there was something about the one they served that was very tempting. And I had no regrets because I’ll have to say it was one of the best fried rice I have ever tasted. Even Ethan agreed wholeheartedly, and he ate quite a bit of it too. The generous garnishings of shrimp in the fried rice was a definite welcome indeed. Ethan also loved the pumpkin soup, and so did we. I loved it that they had 2 choices of soup: pumpkin and broccoli, both being healthy choices for the discerning diner.

And for the not-so-health-conscious, there was also char koay teow available, the halal variety, mind you. Again, very generous with the shrimp, which were all so fresh and succulent, just the way we like it. I think I had about 10 shrimps in my one plate of char koay teow!

I tell you, everything was so good; Hainanese chicken rice, lamb masala, grilled stingray and salmon, kerabu, oh and of course, any buffet would not be complete without dessert. We enjoyed the guilingao, cheese cake, custards, mousse and ice cream. By the time we were done, we could hardly move! But Ethan, on the other hand, was very much playing the part of an energizer bunny, running all around the restaurant and the hotel lobby, checking out window sills, squeezing his way through every nook and cranny, waving at everyone around him, running to the lifts and waiting for it to open…well, he even got a lollipop from the restaurant manager!

What a splendid birthday lunch we had! The next time I come for the lunch, I am definitely wearing looser clothing! *wink*

Scrap credits: Kit from retrodiva {designs}â„¢, frame from Anita Designs

Last month, Mommy told me that Rinnah jie-jiehad tagged me. I asked Mommy what a tag is, and she gave me a really LONG and complicated explanation which I don’t really understand. After some time, I finally found out that all Rinnah jie-jie wanted was to get to know Mommy a little bit better. She wanted me to list down eight facts about Mommy.

  1. Mommy has given me the best nutrition ever: yummy breastmilk! I am proud to proclaim that I was exclusively breastfed for 6 months and even after I started on solids, Mommy continued breastfeeding me. I only started taking some formula milk when I was 15.5 months’ old but you know what, just between you and me, it sure doesn’t taste as good as Mommy’s milk!
  2. Mommy loves music. And it shows, because she has such a very sweet voice. I love it when she sings to me. She sings when she is dressing me up, and she sings when she is tucking me in for the night. My favorite songs are “Jesus Loves Me This I Know”, “In His Time”, “The Wheels on the Bus” and the theme song from Little Einsteins. Christmas is coming soon, and I know I am looking forward to all the Christmas carols Mommy will be singing then. Sometimes I hear Mommy and Daddy discussing something about karaokay singing. I don’t know what that is, but it appears that Mommy is pretty into that as well. Mommy can dance very well too. I hope to take after her ability one day. I learnt that Mommy performed in front of large crowds for some concert before. But I am still a beginner. For starters, I am trying to learn the Mouskadance from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I can stomp my feet very well to the rhythm and I love it when Mommy joins in too. She also likes to do the waltz and rumba with me… I can’t wait to learn other dance genres, which I hope Mommy will be teaching me soon. Oh yeah, Mommy also plays the piano! It’s too bad that we don’t have a piano here in Penang but when I visited Ah Ma and Ah Kong in Ipoh, Mommy played a few tunes on the piano there and also allowed me to have a go at it. It really made me feel like a maestro!
  3. Mommy is good in the kitchen. I have tasted her claypot chicken rice and it is sensational. Even her plain porridge tastes good. She also can make great soup. Well, everything tastes super good when Mommy cooks them and feeds it to me.
  4. Mommy smells good all the time. Sometimes I cannot tahan and I kiss her on the cheek. I like to see the marks I make on her cheek when I do that, but I don’t know why she always says “Ouch!” when I kiss her. Even her hair smells heavenly. So heavenly that I can’t resist chomping on it. I don’t know why Mommy and Daddy keep telling me “No” when I put some of Mommy’s hair in my mouth.
  5. Mommy loves shopping, and now I do too! Mommy and Daddy take me shopping every weekend. Our favorite haunt is Queensbay Mall, and I especially love it when Daddy drives us up and down the ramp leading to the multi-storey car park. Because of the uneven surface of the ramp, it makes me go “Aaaaaahhhhhh……” and I love doing so because it makes my voice vibrate as the car moves :) It’s just fun fun fun!!!
  6. Mommy has so many handbags and purses. She sometimes allows me to play with her wallet, which is a bright red Coach wallet. Red is my favorite color, so that explains why I love it so much. Inside Mommy’s wallet, there are so many cards for me to play with. There’s something about cards that make me happy. Mommy sometimes asks me to get Daddy’s credit card from him, but I don’t know which one it is yet. I’m attracted to the gold ones though.
  7. Mommy loves to watch TV. I think her favorite programs right now are Desperate Housewives and America’s Next Top Model, when she’s not watching the Playhouse Disney Channel with me. Because of Mommy’s preference for these programs, I am also drawn to these programs now. And you know, I do find them interesting because there are so many pretty girls in those shows! Heh. My eyes will light up with excitement and I will clap my hands with glee when I hear the theme songs of those two programs come on.
  8. Mommy is a very generous person. She always shares her meal with me when we go out, with the exception of Friday’s of course… at Friday’s, I get one whole plate of spaghetti all to myself (see how happy I am in that photo above? That was from our last visit to Friday’s)! One of my favorite meals is Old Town’s Chicken Hor Fun, which Mommy always orders and shares with me. I love how Mommy twirls the koay teow around the chopsticks and feeds them to me. I love how the koay teow slides down my throat when I take a mouthful of it. That’s why I hardly chew it.  Lately, I heard Mommy commenting to Daddy that she may need to order one whole bowl for me next time. Goody! Hehe… more for me to eat! But I can’t wait to taste the really authentic kai see hor fun from Mommy’s hometown, Ipoh. She tells me that that’s really, really good.

Completing this tag means I get to find out what my other friends feel about their mommies too. So I am passing the baton on to:

Wei Xuan
Sze Yi

Scrap Papers and Elements from retrodiva {designs}â„¢

This year saw Ethan owning his first lanterns for the annual Lantern Festival, also known as the Mooncake Festival. Ethan’s lanterns were nothing like the ones I had as a little girl; I used to carry colorful lanterns decorated with sugar paper, fixed to a wooden stick, and lit by a solitary candle. But the lanterns of today run on batteries, is lit by a bulb and emits music. In any case, kids still love them!

Ethan got a lantern in the shape of a bear from Mrs Tan, his baby sitter and another one in the shape of a piggy from his Ipoh Ah Ma. At first he was rather disinterested in the bear lantern, but by and by, he took a liking to it. On the actual night of the Lantern Festival a week ago, I planned on taking Ethan downstairs by our apartment swimming pool to walk around with his lantern. However, my plan backfired when his bear lantern became extremely hot after we changed the batteries in it. At that time, he didn’t have his piggy lantern yet, so not wanting to disappoint him, we just went downstairs anyway and had a nice moonlit walk round the pool.

Then just last weekend, when my parents came for a visit, Ethan was thrilled to receive his piggy lantern. No worries that the festival has already passed, because Ethan simply adores the lantern. We put the lantern on our dining table, and Ethan would run to the table, place his hands on it, and tip toe and gesture for us to get the lantern for him. I personally feel this piggy lantern suits him more; the bear one looks a little big for him to handle. It has been raining for the past few nights, so we have not managed to take him downstairs to walk around with the lantern just yet. But it certainly looks like he is contented to play with it in the comfort of our home, doesn’t it?

“Let it shine, let it shine, let it….

Okay, don’t shoot me because this is going to be yet another post on Friday’s.  But I don’t care what you say because we LOVE the food there.  The service is excellent and the ambience is just awesome.  Last night will go down as one of the best Friday’s outing we ever experienced.

When we arrived at the restaurant, they had this set meal promotion going on where a set of an appetizer, an entrée and a dessert costs RM39.90++.  I immediately decided on ordering this set when a quick check assured me that the mocha mud pie was one of the two dessert options available.  Well, we ended up ordering TWO sets and of course, the kid’s spaghetti for Ethan.

All I can say is the food was so good, I would literally make space in my stomach if I had to!  Hehe…I finally got a chance to taste that elusive and much-talked-about mocha mud pie!  By the time we were done, we could barely move!

Ethan, on the other hand, was very excited about the entire experience.  No sooner had he finished his meal, he began walking around and gestured for us to bring him to the washroom to wash his hands.  Over and over again.  Then he would giggle loudly when one of the servers in Friday’s played with him.  When a birthday song was sung in Friday’s, Ethan enthusiastically clapped his hands and smiled widely.  Sometimes he would shout “Aaaahhhhh….” as if he was singing too!  Sporting his new “2nd in Command After Dad” t-shirt, you could tell Ethan was very much at home there.  And when we were about to leave, he cheerfully waved buh-bye to all and sundry.  Oh, and of course we took home another balloon :D

So, you tell me, did Ethan enjoy himself?


October 2007
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