Toast of the Town

Scrap Credits: Dinner Party Kit by Shabby Princess & Sara Carling

We attended two wedding dinners over a span of two weeks. Ethan boy, of course, joined in the celebrations too. Although we had taken him to other wedding dinners before, these two which we attended had loud “yum seng” (toasting) sessions.

At the first dinner, when they first did the “yum seng”, Ethan was startled at first. Of course it didn’t help that we were seated very close to the speakers and the stage then. But he overcame the shock and was soon happily participating in it. As the night wore on, every time the crowd said “yum seng”, Ethan will say “Aaaaaahhhhhhh…”.

Same thing happened last Sunday at the second wedding dinner we attended. With full of energy and enthusiasm, Ethan said “Aaahhhhhhhh…” whenever we said “yaaaaaaammmmmm….”, but he is still in training to complete the toast by saying “Seng!”

Last night, Pete and I enjoyed a glass of wine each. Oh, relax… I had just a pack. Nothing to be concerned about. Anyway, when Ethan saw the two glasses of red wine, he went, “Aaaaaahhhhhh……” Ain’t he smart for associating wine with toasting? Funny thing is, during the 2 wedding receptions we attended, no wine was served. Hmmmmm…. *ponders*


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He has sucha cheeky grin on him. Talking about Ethan boy here..hehe..

Joyce says: Maybe he inherited it from Daddy? Can you see the similarity?

very cute lah!!

Joyce says: Haha… *Ethan boy grins at Aunty Paik Ling*

Clever boy!!

Joyce smiles :)

Ahahaha… Ethan’s in training for my wedding dinner, izzit? LOL!

Joyce says: Yes, he will be well-trained then :)

Isn’t it fun to attend wedding dinners when the kid has learn to enjoy the “yum seng” session? So sweet to see father and son smiling together :)

Joyce says: Very fun indeed! :D

nice scrap with daddy too !!

Joyce says: Thanks!