Mommy’s Birthday (featuring Ethan Boy as Guest Blogger)

I asked Mommy for permission to put up another post as a guest blogger since it is a post for her birthday.  And I am so glad she said okay :)

Last Saturday, Daddy, Mommy and I went to the E&O hotel for Mommy’s birthday eve lunch.  They had seafood fried rice that day and I was very eager to show off my self-feeding skills.  I get a kick out of eating using the spoon all by myself, and feel a sense of accomplishment when Daddy and Mommy tell me “Good Boy!”  As you can see, I enjoyed myself very much and was very reluctant to leave the place.  I love to play with the window sills and run around the restaurant.  After lunch, Daddy, Mommy and I took a short leisurely stroll by the sea.  But it was only for about 5 minutes or so, then I ran back inside, with Mommy and Daddy hot on my heels.  Some good exercise I gave them after the buffet eh? :)

On Sunday (Mommy’s birthday), I woke up and gave Mommy the sweetest smile ever and hugged her.  Then I asked her to go out of the room with me because I just poo-pooed in my pants. 


That very same day, Ah Ma and Ah Kong from Taiping came to Penang to visit together with Kor-kor.  We went to Maple Gold for lunch with Ah Chek and Aunty Christine also.  Here, I had the opportunity to show off my drumming skills with a pair of chopsticks.  Then I had yummy steamed rice with tofu and vege for lunch.  I bet Daddy and Mommy must have been very proud of me because I finished about one bowl of rice! :)  Of course, when I found that feeding myself with the spoon took a very long time, I decided to use my hands instead.

Mommy had a birthday cake too.  Daddy was singing a Happy Birthday song really loudly but I haven’t learnt it yet.  I hope to be able to sing that song next year for Mommy.


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Hi, Joyce, Happy Belated Birthday.

Joyce says: Thanks Soo Ming!

Ah, Ethan’s not only musically inclined with the piano, but also a future drummer. *grin*

Happy Birthday again to Ethan’s mommy!

Joyce says: It helps to be an all-rounder! Thanks Rinnah!

Happy Belated Birthday MUmmy…

Joyce says: Thanks WS!

Happy Belated Birthday Joyce!!

I liked the part of how Ethan led you out of the room cos he poo-poeed kekeke

Joyce says: Thanks Paik Ling! Haha, he’s been doing this very often lately :)

Happy Belated Birthday, Joyce :) Must be happy to celebrate birthday with our loves ones hor….

Joyce says: Thanks Chinnee!

Happy belated birthday, dear!

Joyce says: Thanks Hooi Ling!

Aiyo! I’m so late. Happy belated Birthday, Joyce!

Joyce says: Better late than never, thanks Vien!

Happy happy belated birthday!

Joyce says: Thank you Pat!

Happy belated birthday! Ethan really looks like you, especially in the photo with you!

Joyce says: Thanks dear! :D

Happy Belated Birthday! Hope I did not miss the boat.

Joyce says: No dear. Of course not. Thanks for the belated birthday wish.

Happy Belated Birthday to you!
I did wish you that day, hope you saw it :)

Joyce says: Yes, I did. Thanks Huisia!

Happy Belated birthday!

Joyce says: Thanks Esther.

heh.. sory i m late here, Happy belated b’day to u, what a sweet celebration …
Recently i hv problem viewing ur blog .. duno why, everytime it’s turn out all words like programme when i try to view ur blog.. weird !! But it do happen to some others blogger too , not only u *-*

Joyce says: Thanks Anggie. Maybe you can try refreshing the screen to see if it looks ok? Or you can use Firefox to view?

So sorry I missed it~*HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!* (((((HUGS))))) sandi

Joyce says: Thanks for the belated greeting, Sandi!