October 27, 2007

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Scrap credits: Another Boho Love Affair Kit from retrodiva {designs}â„¢

Maybe it took Ethan a little bit longer to master the art of blowing kisses, better known as the “flying kiss”.  Well, maybe he thought it was considered not *macho* to do it then.  Heh.  Well, it takes a real MAN to be able to do it anyway.  And you know what, Ethan can do it amazingly well now.  The wait has certainly been well worth it.

Now he will constantly pepper his goodbyes with a lip-smacking kiss, putting his hand to his mouth, and giving a really loud kiss for added effect.  And when we say the magic word, i.e. “flying kiss”, he will give one in an equally adorable manner.

Even yesterday night, after Dr Jessica had given him his 2nd JE booster jab, and although he cried a little after that, when we were about to leave the clinic, he smiled at the doctor, waved buh-bye and blew her a kiss.  Ain’t that sweet?

Magazine Reader


We noticed that Ethan has recently discovered a love for reading magazines.  Well, actually he only likes the Astro magazine and will keep on flipping through it page by page. He really looks forward to the arrival of the Astro magazine in our mailbox every month, and he would even request that I open it up for him when it arrives.  In fact, he has already finished “reading” November’s issue, but he never gets tired of doing it over and over again. Sometimes we tease him and ask him if he could let us know what program is coming on at a particular time.  :)


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