November 5, 2007

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Last Thursday was my last day expressing milk at work.  I started with four (sometimes five) sessions a day when I first returned to work from maternity leave. Then I was on three sessions a day, and soon I was down to expressing twice daily at work.  Eventually I only expressed once a day and for the past couple of months, once a day every other day.  All the hard work I put in produced EBM for Ethan’s consumption while I was at work.  Since Ethan is now okay with no EBM supply during the time I am at work, I decided to stop my alternate day sessions altogether.  It follows that today, when Ethan is officially 1 year, 21 months and 5 days old, he would have taken the last bottle of frozen EBM from the freezer. It is time I packed up both my Medela dual pump, Avent breast pump and all my breast milk storage bottles and put them away until they are needed again in future.

I already feel a part of me is missing now that this chapter is being shelved.  And now, the next step would be to wean him from my breasts.

I took Ethan to his playgroup yesterday at Charlotte’s house. All the mommies had planned for a Little Artist session this time around: Bryan’s Mommy made edible paint of red and blue, and the rest of us brought along paint palettes and paint brushes.

Charlotte’s Mommy had laid her front porch with mahjong paper, and they were just screaming for color to be splashed all over them. When the time came for the kids to start painting, I decided to remove Ethan’s shirt because the weather was pretty hot. Then I garbed him in his Ikea shirt-bib (it was bare-backed, by the way).

Well, Charlotte, Wei Xuan and Bryan eagerly began dipping their paint brushes into their respective paint palettes and started painting on the mahjong paper. Each child had their own sheet to experiment with. But Ethan was not at all interested. Instead, he was VERY amused by Simba, the golden retriever. He stood at Simba’s cage, and giggled happily as Simba allowed Ethan to pet and stroke his fur. Then he would run around to the other side of the cage and laugh again as Simba played along with him.

In the end, Charlotte’s daddy had to take Simba out for a walk in a bid to allow Ethan a chance to explore with the paint. Alas, his attention span was short-lived and after about 5 minutes, Ethan walked to the gate and stood there, presumably waiting for Simba to return from his walk.

It looks like Ethan really loves dogs, and coincidentally enough, the golden retriever is one of my favorite dogs too. Could his love for dogs be fuelled by the fact that he was born in the year of the dog?


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