November 6, 2007

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We had lunch at Tandoori House last Sunday. It has been years since Pete and I had gone there, and it was comforting to note that not much has changed. It was also Ethan’s first time at the restaurant and he sat in the baby chair provided, albeit without a tray.

When the waiter brought the appetizer in the form of pappadums, Ethan eagerly asked for some. He had tried pappadums before in Passions of Kerala and Old Town, so he knew what they taste like. The pappadums turned out to be the one thing he really enjoyed. I was glad that the pappadums were not oily and hence was okay for Ethan and his “eight teeth with 4 more growing” to munch on.

He was a little bit apprehensive when it came to the rice though. We had ordered the Kashmiri Pulao, which was colorful because it contained raisins, basmathi rice and other herbs and spices like cumin and cinnamon. Ethan would only eat the rice and none of the onions or spices. If he tasted any, he spat the mouthful out.

I gave him some mango lassi too. At first he didn’t want to sip the drink because it didn’t look at all like iced lemon tea, but when I gave him a taste of it from the tip of the straw, he realized that it tasted like his favorite mango yogurt and happily walloped most of it!


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