When you sing you begin with…

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It must have started with last weekend when my Mom and Dad started singing the Doh-Re-Mi song to Ethan.  Mom told me that Ethan would clap whenever they sang that song.  Don’t ask me but I have no idea why I never sang this song to him before.  I just started a couple of days ago.  The moment I start singing the song, Ethan’s face would light up and he would be flashing the sweetest smile ever!  And then as soon as I finish singing, he would clap his hands in appreciation and approval!  Of course, Mommy says “Thank you!” la after he claps.  Heh heh.  So now every day, I sing this song over and over again, because who could ever resist that adorable smile hoh?

Wait, there’s more… when I do the “Doh-Mi-Mi, Mi-So-So, Re-Fah-Fah, La-Ti-Ti” bit, he breaks out in laughter, as if it was funnily sung or something.  And if I do it real quick, he laughs even louder.  :)

So Ethan, when are you gonna start singing in unison with Mommy?


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Soon! And then you can go a-karaoke-ing with Ethan Boy!

Joyce says: I can hardly wait! I have karaoke equipment at home too you know :)

Hey, Charlotte knows that song too! She will help to finish the sentence, like I sing “Do, a deer a female…”, she’ll go “deer!” and so forth :D

Joyce says: We could probably have them duet! How?