When will he be Bulat again?

Ethan is now on the road to recovery. Breaks our hearts to see him suffer the way he did, but I was so glad to wake up on Sunday morning, being greeted by his adorable and cheeky grin.

On Saturday and Sunday, his stools were still primarily watery, I suppose due to the fact that his diet consisted mainly of breast milk only. But I am hoping that with the additional solids he is slowly taking, his diarrhoea will be gone really soon. His appetite has not returned to normal yet, but he took some siew mais and chicken koay teow on Saturday. Funnily enough though, he didn’t want any siew mai on Sunday.

As it turned out, Pete and I were invited to be witnesses at a friend’s wedding in church on Sunday, so we had to drop Ethan off at Mrs Tan’s place for a couple of hours that afternoon. I expressed my concern that he was not eating much yet, and asked Mrs Tan to cook some mee suah for him. When we picked him up, she told us that he happily devoured the mee suah and bread also! So we tarpowed some of the mee suah back home for his dinner.

Guess what? Our boy didn’t want any of the mee suah, but instead chose to share some of my wan ton mee dinner. Maybe he associates mee suah only with Mrs Tan’s house?

He looks ok now, doesn’t he? These are some photos I took yesterday…. pretty blur because he kept moving up and down on the couch. It’s just that he needs to regain his appetite really soon.


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I’m glad that Ethan is recovring now. It’s better to let him eat home cook food while his body is still weak.

Joyce says: Thanks Hooi Ling! I’m glad his appetite is returning.

he looks like a big boy now…*smilling*

Joyce says: Yeah, he really is!

good to hear that Ethan is ok now. try not to feed him oily food at the moment, it will help.

Joyce says: Thanks for the advice! :D

Is it just me or does Ethan’s face look a little sharper? :-o But not to worry, he will soon be eating like a bottomless pit! *grin*

Joyce says: Yeah, he lost a substantial amount of weight over the past few days :( Can’t wait to see bottomless pit in action!

oh boy…but glad to know he is on his way of recovering.

Joyce says: Thanks WS!

Oh that’s great news, to hear about Ethan’s recovery! Kids are quite resilient aren’t they? Don’t worry lah, I’m sure his appetite will pick up again. He looks happy to me, and that’s all that matters :)

Joyce says: Well said! It really makes us happy too to see him so happy and giggly, and up to his mischievous self!

Glad to know that he is well again. Yeah, the mummies are right, his bottomless pit will come sooner than you thought. Take care!

Joyce says: Thanks for your concern, dear! :D

Oh dear! My heart sank when I read about what happened to poor Ethan.
Hope he is doing fine now…

Joyce says: Thanks :) He is doing okay now. Getting his appetite back and is back to his cheeky self.

Oh, poor boy. Good thing he’s recovered now. Take care, ya Ethan boy.

Joyce says: Thanks. :)