November 28, 2007

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This evening when I went to pick Ethan up from Mrs Tan’s after work, I was aghast to discover that the swell under his eye as a result of *something* that bit him had become so much worse.  Ethan didn’t look like he was bothered with his swollen right eye though (as you can see from the pictures), and every time he smiled, his right eye would close up.  It was quite pitiful to see him with the swollen eye, although it was apparent that he wasn’t in any form of pain.  Nevertheless I decided to err on the side of caution and take him to see Dr Jessica, who coincidentally was on night duty tonight.

I had to take Ethan to the hospital on my own tonight because Pete had a dinner function with his company.  I grabbed a quick dinner at home and rushed to the hospital (okay, I drove carefully… :P) .  We were fourth in line … not too bad.  Guess where our boy insisted on going up and down on?  Yep… the escalators!  Since I was the only one there with him, I had no choice but to bring him up and down and at the same time, keep a lookout for when it was our turn.

Finally we were called in but the doc had so much trouble checking him.  He simply wouldn’t open his eyes for her to check them.  Dr Jessica prescribed Piriton syrup, which was an immediate relief for the allergic reaction, and told me to continue applying the fucicort thrice daily. We were also to keep monitoring his temperature in case it shot up.  I requested the nurse to help me feed the Piriton to Ethan since I was sure I would not be able to do it on my own at home.  Surprisingly all of the syrup went in, although Ethan put up a struggle.

I then took him back home, gave him a warm shower and got him ready for bed.  I waited till he fell asleep before I applied the fucicort.  I pray that he will be all better tomorrow morning after a good night’s sleep tonight.

Hobble Hobble Hobble

On Monday night, while playing and running around in the living room, Ethan tripped and fell down on the floor.  As usual, he stretched out his hands to support himself as he fell, but I realized something was amiss when he cried a little after the fall.  Normally our boy will just pick himself up and continue running around, with no tears being shed.  This time however, he was holding his left leg and whined for a bit.  I consoled him by giving him a hug and a kiss till he stopped crying.

But after the fall, I noticed he was walking with a limp.  He would try to run (like he always does) but then he would stop short as if in pain and start walking gingerly instead.  He wasn’t crying out in pain or anything, and I checked that there were no bruises or swelling.  He was still his usual cheerful self, except for the fact that he was a little “pai-kha“.  I prayed that he would be all better the next day but he was still walking terjengket-jengket, especially when he wanted to move fast.  I called Dr Jessica and she said that it could very well be a muscle pull, and that if there wasn’t any improvement by the next day, we should bring him to the orthopedist.  That got me worrying big time.  I hated to have to bring Ethan to see any kind of doctor or specialist.

Thankfully though, this morning, I noticed that his walk has improved!  My prayers have been answered! :D

However, he got bitten by some insect below his right eye yesterday evening.   :(  So that area is slightly red and swollen now…we are applying a topical steroid cream (Fucicort) to bring down the swelling.


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