Masterpiece of Love


At first I had planned to present it to Ethan’s grandparents for Grandparents’ Day last September, but I couldn’t get it ready then.  So I decided to try for Christmas instead.  Well, Christmas came and I was not even close to finishing it.  Then I adamantly targeted Ethan’s second birthday, but because of some hiccups with the file upload and ordering process, I rescheduled the targeted date to Chinese New Year.

Finally the photobooks are ready.  I received them three days before Chinese New Year, and got them wrapped up as presents for Ethan’s grandparents.  I had printed three copies of the photobook - no prizes for guessing who gets the third copy :)  The photobook contained pictures of Ethan which I had digitally scrapbooked with the used of Adobe Photoshop, no glue required.  All forty pages held memories which were dear to us, and I am sure Ethan’s grandparents would be thrilled with the book too.

We presented the photobook to both his Ah Mas and Ah Kongs for Chinese New Year, and I could see their faces light up with pride when they saw what the present contained.  May they enjoy hours and hours of flipping through the book and sharing Ethan’s photos with their friends and visitors :)  Someday Ethan boy will enjoy the book too… I just know it! :D


February 2008
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the photobook looks fab!
I’ve not had anytime to get all my layouts printed on a photobook!
I’m sure all the hard work was worth it.

Joyce says: I think if you did a photobook, it would look absolutely stunning! All your layouts are amazing!

It’s a vy nice n thoughtful gift for them. And the timing’s just right. I’m sure they’ll be so proud to show it off to frens n relatives when they come visiting.

Joyce says: Yes, I’m glad that I managed to get it out before Chinese New Year.

It’s wonderful! Truly, it is. Remember to show it to me in the flesh if ever I come to visit ya, k?

Joyce says: Of course!

wow, this photobook is wonderful..which company is this? i know of 2 ..perhaps there are others.

Joyce says: I got it done from

These look great! I’ve heard of Moms doing it but now you’ve convinced me as I’ve too many photos of Lucas to print out :-) Err…how much did each co$t?

Joyce says: It’s really worth it, KittyCat. Each photobook retails at RM240 and I had it printed at I had to do the design myself though.