The Word Whammer


When Daddy came back from India, you bet I was happy!  It had been days that I had not had a bout of wrestling with him, so I was definitely looking forward to that.  No fun wrestling with Mommy ma…always must let her win. :P

Anyway, a couple of days after Daddy came back, he presented me with a surprise: a new toy!  Boy, was I excited!  Upon first glance, it looked similar to the Fridge Phonics toy I got for Christmas last year. Same color scheme and there were also plenty of alphabets.  There was also the very familiar red musical note button that played the alphabet song, only that it was a different singer.

I soon discovered that this toy is called the Word Whammer, and it is a rather advanced version of the first Fridge Phonics set I have.  Che-wah…Daddy thinks I advanced liao…don play play lo…. With this Word Whammer, I can make many many three letter words.  They have also included two alphabets of certain letters, like “d” and “m”, for example, just so I can make “dad” and “mom”.  I haven’t quite figured out how yet though.

Just the other day, while I was playing with my new toy, I made the word “hoi”, which I think is a very Malaysian word.  How many times have you heard or seen people using it?  Ha…..


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Wow…that looks like a really cool toy!! Imagine on football nights, you could actually form a scoreboard, as in LIV 4 ARS 2….weee!..;-)

Joyce says: But…but…how to do numbers leh?

Hoi! Ahoy there! Does mommy want to play Scramble with me on Facebook?

Joyce says: Oh no! I have been so behind on Scramble!

How come he looks so serious?

Joyce says: Very serious because deep in concentration, trying to form 3-letter words ma…Not an easy thing to do for a two-year old you know….kekeke

hoi,how are you? hehehe…

may i ask, where can i get this cool toy? yeah, i tot of getting one for oscar so that he can keep himself occupied when i blog, er no, when i work…. hehehehe…

Joyce says: My hubby got it from Changi airport, but I think they sell it in Toys R Us too.

wah.. your mummy always win at wrestling ya… that new toy of yours look cool :-) enjoy playing

Ethan says: Ya, I love my new Word Whammer..I can just stand in front of the fridge the whole day playing this!

another toy to keep u bz!!

Ethan says: Yes!

Vy nice n educational toy but a bit messy with the alphabets all over the place eh?

Joyce says: My hubby picks them up :)

cool toy, isnt i? i got that one too, and also the other one with a single letter that goes, “L go url. L go url”…and sang a song. hee hee. lifesaver in the kitchen when i was cooking

Joyce says: yes yes..I have both too…I blogged about the single letter one a few months back….keeps the kids occupied.