The Picture behind the Painting

Last Saturday I took a picture of Ethan’s work of art in Learning Garden, just because I felt like it. However, when I downloaded the photo last night, I couldn’t help but think how the random splashes of paint he made resembled perhaps something MORE than just that.

To me, it looks like a picture of a lady in a colorful cloak running to the right. I imagine she is running swiftly with the blend of beautiful colors of her garment floating behind her.

I showed Pete the picture last night and he begged to differ. Instead he said it looked like a picture of an animal, like a bird or more specifically a pelican.

Do you see what we see, or something else?


April 2008
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I thought it looked like the Bird of Paradise flower worrrr….

Joyce says: It does? Hmmm…funnily enough I don’t see it.

Looks like a running lady with wings.

Joyce says: That’s what I thought.

no need to see la..just frame it up. :)

Joyce says: Eeek. We didn’t take it back….now I only get to frame the digital copy. :)

Looks like Man U lifting the BPL and UCL trophies…blek..;-p

Joyce says: Boooo…….

i also feel like it is a bird..

Joyce says: Really? What kind of bird?

the blue and green look like mountains and lakes and the red splash in front’s a person enjoying the view… :-)

Joyce says: Wow. You have a very vivid imagination!

it is indeed an art!! i saw an animal,bird or flamingo..

where did u get ther painting board from? i wld like to get one

Joyce says: The easel is provided by The Learning Center, but I do know that you can buy good easels from Ikea.

it looks like a bird but not sure what bird…
but it does look nice…

Joyce says: Thank you….*trying to see the bird still*

for me.. look like any colourful bird …..
it’s can be an abstract painting la .. only the “artist” know what he is drawing … hehehe by inspirartion !!!!

Joyce says: I wonder what he could be inspired by…hmmm..