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Berrylicious kit from A work in progress

Accesorizing definitely has its advantages. In addition to giving my outfit added pizazz, I found out that accessories can double up as items to occupy a toddler’s fidgety hands.

A few weeks ago, when we attended BIL’s wedding dinner in Sungai Petani, I wore a black tube dress and a shawl, and as an afterthought, I threw in my 12 silver bangles, bought aeons ago at that place called Isetan. Pssssstttt…this is THE place for accessories, people, because despite the long period of time these bangles have been hibernating in my drawer, not one of them were discolored. Every one of them was as good as new.

So wore them I did. Little did I know that Ethan would be so very fascinated with them. At our dinner table, when he had finished all his snacks, he suddenly spotted my bangles and reached for them. He would remove them from my arm one by one and put them on his arm. Then when he was done with all of the 12 bangles, he would jiggle his arm up and down, creating a nice jingly sound. Then he would take them out one by one again and put them back on my arm, and then repeat the entire process.

When I wore a simple chunky bangle the following night, he also grabbed hold of it and pretended it was a tambourine. I know that’s what he was thinking, cos he was shaking it very much like how we would play a tambourine, and he had been watching Baby Einstein’s Meet the Orchestra a lot.

So is it any wonder why I am so into accessorizing these days? But be careful though, if you are wearing those delicate dangling earrings. Just be sure your toddler doesn’t yank them off!

Then and now

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Playdate Mini kit from Amy Bleser
Paper word strips from Sugarplum Paperie
Elegant word art (boys are kisses) from Bethany
Polka dotted arrow from Dúnia
Confetti from Aja Abney

When once he clung to Mommy, now he will happily play with his toys. Although most of the time he still plays in silo, he is slowly overcoming his shyness.

When once he will only play with the ball in the playground, he now loves to slide down the slides in addition to all other activities.

When once he didn’t want to join in the singing and clapping, he now willingly obliges, sometimes even offering to be the first one to hold the *window* for the Window Song.

When once all he wanted to do was to run away from the singing session, now he waves and smiles happily at the kids. His attention span is still very short though, and it won’t be long before he prefers to walk around the hall, or to *disturb* Daddy.

When once he would not want to even be a part of any song, now he loves the action songs. He doesn’t do them all though, but it is apparent his favorites are the ones requiring everyone to move around the room…and of course, the one that ends with everyone “falling down” on the floor!

When once he could not wait to go home after the session, now he will wait patiently for Teacher Puva to give him a sticker or two. He’s a real gentleman and will not bulldoze his way for his stickers, but will sit and wait.

When once he pushed teacher away when the class was over, only content to wave and give a flying kiss, he now gives a nice hug before we say goodbye.

The 3 months or so with Learning Garden has indeed been a blessing, and we look forward to more.

It was experiment time again last weekend, when I decided to dish out something else to satisfy the needs my strongest food critic ever, who else but Ethan :lol:

On Saturday, I cooked up a dish of stir-fry Japanese tofu with shrimp, carrots, mushrooms and egg:

I know what you’re thinkin’ …. looks kinda yucky and scary, doesn’t it? Well, although Pete claimed that it tasted a bit bitter (because of the mushrooms), Ethan certainly didn’t seem to mind. I served the dish over his steamed rice and he was busy feeding himself; although he didn’t wanna take the carrots, I was glad he ate the tofu :)

Dinnertime, we decided to head out to a nearby Pizza Hut since we only had food left for Ethan. It had been ages since Pete and I had pizza, so it was definitely a welcome change.  When we were served the cream of chicken soup, I was surprised by how much Ethan loved it. Good thing I brought along his own spoon…the soup spoon Pizza Hut provided was way too big for his mouth. Look…eating all by himself samo.

I actually packed his rice + tofu dish out as well, but our boy would have none of it, until he had finished all his soup. Oh, and although he was curious when the “puh-ta” (pizza) arrived, he didn’t want to try any of it. Well, as long as he had his rice and was happy :)

Sunday came and since I had some more of the Japanese tofu left, I cooked a slightly different dish, and that’s when I hit jackpot. Not only was it pleasing to the eye, both Daddy and Ethan loved it! It was a “throw everything together” concoction, and I even included chicken ham chips for additional flavor. In fact I even managed to sneak in a piece or two of the carrot and broccoli for Ethan, praying hard that he will eat them. And he did!

Looks like I’m heading somewhere huh? :lol:
I’m gonna get the Annabel Karmel cookbook for toddler meals soon, and hopefully with that *weapon*, I’ll be able to produce more interesting and nourishing food :razz:

Here’s a darling video of Ethan naming some of his farm animals. They’re from a wooden puzzle I bought for him a while back. He does in fact understand the names of each of the animals, but now, he will only verbally say the names of a few, namely “hor” (horse), “peeeg” (pig) and “go” (goat). He calls the cow “moo” and the sheep “baa”, and although he doesn’t want to say the names of the rest of the animals, he will retrieve them when asked.

Notice how our boy takes the trouble to enunciate the words ever so clearly :)

And yes, if it ain’t obvious yet, I absolutely ADORE him in his Mr Independent peejays. Don’t you? :lol:

Credits: Elegant word art (Special Dad) from

Ain’t this a sweet shot? I took it candidly last Friday when we were having dinner at Nando’s. Pete always washes Ethan’s hands for him, complete with dragging a chair for Ethan to stand on, and indulging in some minor water play. I could hear Ethan giggling away as I snapped this photo, and I thought it was a nice photo to start off the Father’s Day weekend.

Happy Daddy’s Day to Pete!!!

Last weekend, I only had time to do a very speedy marketing at Jusco, so I decided to cook only for Ethan (Mommy and Daddy can starve…hehehe). Besides, I wanted to experiment on a few dishes, just so I could vary his diet. I was also eager to *train* Ethan to eat his meat and vegetables. He has no problems eating his carbs (rice is his favorite), but he won’t take pieces of chicken, etc, unless I cut it up finely. His protein source is mainly the siew mais he eats and oh…the sausages I steam for him.

So Saturday morning saw me preparing a mini meal for Ethan, consisting of pumpkin rice, steamed cod fish and chicken soup with bottle gourd. He didn’t take much for his breakfast, so I thought of giving him this meal for brunch, right before his Learning Garden session.

But he rejected it. :(

I tried the food, and it was seriously quite tasty what…

Anyway, I packed some of the pumpkin rice with a piece of cod fish in his bag. We headed for Nyonya Breeze for lunch after his class, and when I mixed the tau ewe bak sauce with his rice, Ethan walloped the entire helping! He even had some of my rice when he was done.

Well, at least he took the pumpkin rice…

Sunday morning, I baked some meatloaf balls using the easy-peasy recipe I obtained from allthingspurple, which contained minced pork, pumpkin, baby oats, evaporated milk and some mushroom soup mix.  The recipe was for a meatloaf, but I modified it into meatloaf balls, or cutlets, figuring it would be easier for Ethan to eat them that way.  Unfortunately, I left them in the oven a tad longer than I should, so although the insides were ok, the outer layer was slightly burnt.

And Ethan would have none of it. Not even after I demonstrated how it should be eaten. And not even after I gave him some with his siew mai. He would only eat his siew mai and rejected the meatloaf balls I made. SIGH…maybe I’ll make some non-burnt ones some other day.

For dinner, I whipped up a quick and easy rice broth for Ethan. I made the same soup as Saturday’s (which Pete tasted and approved that it was good), and boiled it with the rice, then I added some cod fish too. It smelled good and tasted great too, but when we presented it to Ethan at Friday’s (yeah, that’s where we went for dinner), he pushed it away without even trying it. On the other hand, he finished 2 grilled sausages, had some of my Chicken & Shrimp Diablo linguine (which was really good, but slightly spicy), and drank our ice lemon tea and strawberry shake.

So…something wrong my cooking, is it?

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Always Welcome kit from Kelly Puddy
The Promise Collection Alphas from Shabby Princess Designs
Doodle Me Big doodles from Mikkel Paige Original
Monogram ampersand & cluster from Sugarplum Paperie
Word Art - 3 from fei-fei’s stuff 

Getting Ethan to bed is a routine for us now.  He takes his shower at about 8-ish and then has his “nenno” while I dress him up in his peejays.

Then, he will get his fair share of word videos, where he repeats the words he sees.  Sometimes he prefers a good Barney DVD to while his time away.  He kinda knows that he is only allowed to watch the TV after his bath, and so when we undress him and tell him it’s time to bathe, he will very obediently run to the bathroom.

Anyway, after watching his videos, I will tell him it’s time for bed, and he will either walk to the room on his own and wait for us to open the door for him, or if he is in a “manja” mood, he will ask us to carry him into the room.

He will then roll around on the bed, and sometimes, he will only want Mommy to be there with him.  In this scenario, he will push Daddy away gently, wave goodbye and even give a flying kiss to Daddy :lol:

Then he will want to hug me to sleep.  There were a few times where I told him to hug his pillow to sleep instead, explaining to him that Mommy will hug my pillow and Ethan will hug his pillow.  Well, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.  But in the middle of the night, if he wakes up because of a nightmare, he will need to be hugged and comforted to sleep.  Even in the mornings, if Ethan wakes up and I am not in bed, he will go over to his Daddy and hug him instead.

I know he will soon outgrow his hugging needs, but I am not sure if I am ready to let go yet…because I’m sure you know how therapeutic a hug can get, huh?  I guess I’ll cherish it as long as it lasts…

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You are so beautiful add-on kit from Doreen Stolz
Acrylic alphas from A work in progress
Beach Blanket freebie bent frame from Maria LaFrance
Edgy Valentine grungy heart element from Nicole Norcutt
Paper word strips from Sugarplum Paperie

Our three-day holiday weekend came and went in the blink of an eye. But Pete and I are always thankful for those precious moments we get to spend with our darling Ethan, and we know that Ethan loves weekends and holidays as much as we do too.

I have no doubt in my mind that the precious quality time we spend with him is by and by making him more confident and sure of himself, and last weekend I was an even more prouder momma of my little boy when he began uttering more words :) :razz: :)

Our days and months of showing, telling and teaching him what an apple is finally bore fruit when our boy, who was watching an educational video, suddenly said “Air-puh!” I was pleased, of course, but I wanted to make sure the word is consistently said.

After our Saturday evening walk, I saw Ethan wandering in the kitchen and asked him,

“What are you looking for, darling?”

And our boy promptly replied,


And so, even though we were still full from the dinner we just had, I happily relented and cut him some slices of “air-puh” :)

There are many more other words which he picked up recently, much to the amusement of Mommy and Daddy, among them “elephant”, which he consistently refers to as “eh-pah-pah-pah….”, a variation of the “air-puh”, methinks.

And also, it thrills me to no end that he has also started asking for “book” when he wants to sit on his throne. Chip of the old block, eh? :lol:

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 Freebie Maio from Mitia Assef
Elegant word art (Little Things Big Things) from Bethany
Rustic Walk alphas from A work in progress
Stamp cluster 12 (modified) from Lindsay Jane Designs
Confetti from Aja Abney
Polka dotted arrow from Dúnia

Ethan is starting to live up to the Mr Independent tag on his peejays, yeah, the one his Daddy got him from US. The things he can do, he must do by himself, some bordering on being a perfectionist at heart to obsessive compulsive disorder-ism. Ah well. Maybe it is his own style of doing a Frank Sinatra “I’ll do it My Waaayyyyy…..”

When we are getting ready to go out, he wants to take his own shoes and place them on the floor for us to wear. If we help him take his shoes, he will protest loudly and demand that we put them back on the shoe rack where he can take them himself. Sometimes, when he is all done and ready to go and I am still not out of the door, he will choose a pair of shoes for me from the rack and place it at the doorstep, all ready for me to put them on!

When he asks for his “nenno”, and I give him his bottle, he will refuse it. He wants me to put it somewhere where he can retrieve it himself. Then he will finish the entire bottle.

He wants a spoon of his own when we go out and eat. If it is rice, he will attempt to scoop the rice and feed himself. If it is noodles, I will put some of the noodles on his spoon and he will feed himself with the spoon.

He has a peculiar way of drinking water (I hope this only happens at home, though). He wants me to carry him up to reach for every one of the cups from left to right IN ORDER of arrangement, rinse it and fill it with a little bit of water, then he drinks from it, repeating the process with all the cups. We have a stainless steel mug rack with 2 layers which can hold 3 mugs per layer. So imagine me doing this with a *slightly-heavier-than-a-rice-sack* on one arm SIX times! Ah well…as long as it gets him to drink water happily.

Speaking of drinking water, nowadays when we are out and about, he prefers not to drink from the straw in his tumbler, rather he would ask me to unscrew the cover of his tumbler and he will hold the entire tumbler with both hands and drink from the rim. I guess he figured it’s faster that way…

All his Yakult bottles need to be arranged in a single row across the shelf in the refrigerator. If the shelf cannot fit all, then he has to rearrange them all over again. Same thing goes for his books. He must arrange them all neatly in a row, otherwise he gets frustrated.

Well, that’s what makes Ethan … Ethan! :razz:

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Mai chez digiscrapbook freebie from Monique Gascon
Dandelion dream alphas from A work in progress
Blue funny bubble alpha from Loloden Designs


Not much weight increase from last month (I think)…although lately he does appear to be “bigger-sized”.  Must get him officially weighed in at our next visit to the PD (maybe next week).


Haven’t measured yet, but he seems to be able to reach more things now.


Sixteen (or maybe eighteen): 8 incisors, 2 canines (upper), 4 pramolars (2 upper and 2 lower) and 2 molars (bottom); maybe 2 molars on the top too. Still salivating a lot.

Motor Skills

  • Attempting to jump and hop, especially when watching the kids in the Barney DVDs hop and jump.  Ethan will climb onto the sofa and move his entire body up and down, but both his legs don’t come up at the same time (yet).

Communication and Social Skills

  • Yay!  New words, and some old ones too:

    • Buh-bye! (done while waving goodbye) 
    • Daw-dawg
    • Two!!! (It’s happiness for all when he points to the number 2 and says that, but then we realize he refers to ALL numbers and alphabets as TWO. LOL.  Even now when we go to Queensbay Mall, he will run to the big 4 on the fourth floor where we park and say “TWO!!”.  Of course, we’ll say, “No Ethan, that’s FOUR!”  I believe he will catch on soon.)
    • Star (he does this with and without prompting.  Sometimes he would notice STARS we would not even see, and so these days, when we go out, Ethan would sometimes say “Star!” and we’ll start looking for it)
    • Snow (learnt from Baby Shakespeare)
    • Nenno (for milk)
    • Baby (all babies and children and kids are “baby” to him, even those older than him.  He constantly say “baby” now when he sees one of the above)
    • Wee!  (sometimes he will refer to the number 3 as “Wee” but it’s not very consistent)
    • Teevee teevee teevee! (while propping himself on the sofa waiting for the TV to be turned on)
    • Tatai (Baby Einstein)
  • Can recognize more body parts and is able to point to them on request: nose, ear, mouth, teeth, toes, tummy, fingers.
  • Can point out pictures in his book (flowers, banana, teddy bear and chair)
  • Can give a particular animal block when requested. So far, he has mastered the cow, the pig, the horse and the goat.
  • Can play “roll the ball” back and forth, but again, it depends on his mood.
  • Skills at kicking a ball has improved tremendously. Very accurately done.
  • Ethan is slowly engaging into the imitation mode where he copies what is being seen on TV, e.g. runs to the door and tries to knock and open it when he sees someone doing it on TV.

Food and Feeding

  • More food going in and less food landing on the floor.


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