Doin’ the alphabet, the Mr Bulat way

Lately Ethan has taken a keen interest in learning the alphabet, quite possibly thanks to the video Michelle loaned me :)

He now knows most of the letters of the alphabet in the correct order, but those that he does not know, he will say “eh-ya” (which I personally think sounds like “beh-hiao”, i.e. “donno” in Hokkien), and THAT’s the cue for us to fill in the blanks for him. He also loves to have us repeat after each letter he has said, otherwise he will not continue.

The pronunciation of some letters are just spot on but some are still being worked on. Oddly enough, he says “Neh” for the letter J. Don’t ask me why.

In addition to reciting the alphabet, he can recognize the letters we draw/write for him. Another activity we indulge in when we are trying to get him to sit still in the high chair when we dine out.


August 2008
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sounds so easy to keep him busy. :)

Joyce says: Yes, well… sometimes :)

I am glad the VCD work for him. Hey is that your voice, it does not sound like you. :P

Joyce says: Yeah, the VCD worked like a charm :) Thanks! And yeah, it IS my voice…doesn’t sound like me meh? I think I sound different in person and say, over the phone for instance, though :)

wow..he’s smart! wonder when my boy will allow me to teach him the ABC…

Think he treats this as bonding with you, so wants u to repeat every word that he said…keep up the good job!

Joyce says: He didn’t ALLOW me to teach the ABCs at first. It just happened after he started watching an alphabet video.

*clap clap clap* Ethan so pandai. Know all the alphabets edi. N he sounds so cute!

Joyce says:… well, almost all the alphabets!

I can’t see the video. :( For some reason it refuses to load up on my side.

Joyce says: Hope you manage to load it soon.

Mr Bulat has not gone to school yet right? so pandai him!

Joyce says: Oh no, he’s not in school yet.

Well done, Ethan!! Good Job, mummy… ;)

Joyce says: Thanks!

I can finally see the video! So cute larrr, the way Ethan recites the alphabet for you…

Joyce says: Yeah, he does it all the time :)

yea yea,sometimes they have funny words in replacement. Like Ashley is always saying.” pop” for coke. She must have picked it up from a Canadian friend who visits last year.

cute how Ethan says “beh hiau”. Ashley just say, “beeeeecoz I don’t know”

Joyce says: That’s CUTE!

*clap clap clap* being interested is the start of speedy learning!

Joyce says: Yeah, that’s true :)

it seems like he is teaching u the alphabets hehe

Joyce says: Yeah, samo can get angry if I don’t repeat after him. LOL