Little ones to Him belong

Here’s what Ethan looks forward to when we go to church on Sundays:

  • Pointing at the numbered pews and loudly exclaiming “One!”, “Two!”, “Three!” and so on.
  • Pointing at the words projected on the projector and shouting the letters out loud, much to the amusement of everyone around him.
  • Sitting on the seats like an adult would.
  • Giggling at toddlers nearby.
  • Making his usual rounds around the church sanctuary.
  • Kneeling when we kneel and praying (hands in prayer position) when we pray.
  • Raising his hands in worship during The Lord’s Prayer.
  • Wishing everyone “peace be with you” with his hands clasped together and flashing the most adorable smile ever.
  • …and of course, THIS:


August 2008
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thats very good, wishing everybody that. i must teach my kids that too. thks!

Joyce says: Yeah, we love seeing him do that :)

he’s so ‘kwai’……waiting patiently till it came to his turn for tithing. peter and you are doing such wonderful job bringing him up well in Godly ways.
me wondering when would my turn be.. :)

Joyce says: You’ll have your turn too soon, I am sure.

Yeap my children also love that part, putting money in the bag. Once Emily said, “I want the red one, the blue one and the green one to put inside the bag.”

Joyce says: So did she get what she asked for?

Hahaha… all kids love doing that! But I’m glad to see that you’re bringing up Ethan in the way of the Lord, Joyce!

Joyce says: You remember looking forward to that too, huh?

My boys love to do that too. It is very good that Ethan is so good during mass. Mine- I have to bring cars to keep them occupied and some time they end up fighting pulak. Have you tried bringing him for the children’s liturgy? Mine don’t like it.

Joyce says: Didn’t you hear him making his presence felt in church? :P I took him to children’s liturgy once too, but he was way too restless to remain in the room.