August 22, 2008

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As you might well already know, I am forever on the lookout for recipes to try out that are simple yet able to please my fussy little eater.  I know that Ethan goes bananas over bananas :P , so I figured he would love banana pancakes.  And since I knew that KittyCat’s Lucas (who is exactly the same age as Ethan in terms of birthdate) adores banana pancakes, I got hold of her very simple recipe and I decided to try making them last weekend.


The recipe did not require much slaving around the kitchen and soon the aroma of fresh banana pancakes filled our entire household.  Ethan was all interested to see me cook, as well as to see what I had placed on the table.  One look at the stack of pancakes and he exclaimed, “Peh-tah!”.  Gosh, he thought I had made pizza!


Unfortunately though, his enthusiasm did not last long, and he was only interested in playing with the pancakes.  He simply didn’t like them, even after Pete and I purposely announced how yummy they were!  He didn’t even want that cute little mini one I made for him….see the one at the top of the pile?  It looks like a turtle, doesn’t it? 

In the end, Pete and I finished all the pancakes and Ethan was ecstatic to eat a banana all by himself.

SIGH.  I tried making another batch of banana pancakes on Sunday too, this time with TWO bananas instead of one.  It tasted better, but still, I did not get the expected response from Ethan.

He preferred to prance around in his BEAR mask instead.  How?



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