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Ethan at 31 months

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I’m gonna use the dependable adage here and say “Better late than never”. GASP! I am close to three weeks late in posting a monthly report on Ethan’s developmental milestones.  Been a really busy month for all of us, and you’ll soon know why, but I tell myself that I still need to do this update. :)


12 kilos, according to the weighing scale at home.


Did not measure recently, but he does seem to have S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-D.


18 in total, and very sharp too, I might add.  According to his mood, Ethan will sometimes brush his teeth, but sometimes he will refuse.  He won’t want to put toothpaste in his mouth though.  My dentist told me that cleaning a toddler’s teeth is important, especially the molars, and she advised me that using a wash cloth wrapped around a finger would be effective enough.  So I have been using the sherpa backing of the cloth wipes I have to clean Ethan’s teeth.  Quite a struggle, sometimes, but it does result in more than satisfactory results :) (and not to mention, often a bruised finger or two).

Developmental Milestones

  • Attempting to “read”, I think.  So far, Ethan knows almost all his alphabets (both lowercase and uppercase), but we have noticed that sometimes when he sees a combination of some letters, he will try to pronounce them like what he thinks they would sound like.  For example, when he sees the word “HBO”, he will say “bo”, referring to the last two letters, or he will say “wa” when he sees the letters “WA”.  “Star Movies” is “Star-vees” to him :)
  • Faster as picking up words he hears.  He will say “phone, phone!” when he wants to play with my cellphone, or he will say “book!” when he wants his book.  When he wants to put toothpaste on his toothbrush, he will say “paste! paste!” and just this morning, after he saw Pete brushing his teeth, Ethan asked me for “brush, brush!”
  • Beginning to show preference.  Besides voicing his opinions sometimes by firmly stating “Mai!” (”no” in Hokkien), while kicking and throwing a tantrum, he sometimes requests for who he wants to give him his shower.  There have been several times when I was ready to give him his nightly shower and he adamantly called out, “Daddy!  Daddy!  Daddy!”, and when Pete answered, Ethan pulled his Daddy into the shower stall :P
  • Loves playing “horse” with Daddy.  Ethan will run towards Daddy, pull him to the ground, and saying “horse!”.  Ethan can now expertly climb onto Daddy’s back and well…ride the “horse”.  (Horsy has got impressive sound effects too, I might add).

Other Highlights

We’ve been preparing him to welcome his new sibling in a few months’ time, but in the recent weeks, we’ve noticed that he’s been acting rather “big brotherly” like.  There was a time when he pointed at my tummy and said “baby!”, and nowadays when I ask him to “sayang baby”, he will gently stroke my belly.  Sometimes la.

Food and Feeding

Ironically, he has been requesting for me to feed him instead of him eating on his own.  Could this dependence be caused by the “knowledge” that he will soon be a big brother?


Ethan got himself a bungalow last Saturday.  Make that “bungalow”…in inverted commas.

It was “presented” to him during his playschool session as he was having his snacks.  He was happily munching away on his biscuits and then he apparently turn around to look at me, lost his balance somehow and fell down from the bench.  Normally he would be able to break his fall with his hands, but since his hands were full (holding the biscuits), he hit his forehead on the ground, earning him a gigantic bump on the left side of his forehead. :(

We were SHOCKED.  As was Ethan, because he didn’t immediately cry, but only after a while did he wail out loud.  We tried to put an ice pack on the bump, but Ethan would not allow it to be there for long.  After a few minutes of on-and-off ice packs, the bump subsided a little.

He looked his normal self, and was smiling away a while later.  In fact, if I may say so myself, it certainly does appear that he has become more active (and mischievous) after the fall, believe it or not.

Here’s a sneak on what the bump looked like in the evening:

I took this picture right after THE MATCH.  The TV in the background shows the logo of Liverpool: we beat Man U 2-1!!!  Woohooo!!!  Sorry, couldn’t resist that :P

Weekend with Gramps

Grandparents’ Day this year falls on September 7, so we decided to make a trip back to Ipoh and Taiping, so that Ethan’s grandparents can dote on him.  And boy, did he enjoy himself!

We noticed that Ethan is becoming more and more at ease with his grandparents now, and it didn’t take him too long to get comfy; snuggling up with Kong Kong in Ipoh, sitting on the swing with Ah Mah in Taiping.  Of course, the grandpas and grandmas were thrilled to no end when Ethan started reciting his alphabets and numbers confidently too!

Ah Ma from Ipoh even presented Ethan with a little new toy: a fish lantern that moves about on the floor singing the song “Row row row your boat, gently down the stream…merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream” incessantly.  We took it back home to Penang with us, and it puts a smile on Ethan’s face whenever he plays with it.

I think the battery will run out soon.

Each week, like any normal human being, we count the days leading to the weekend, just so we can take a well-deserved break from work, and spend some nice family time with each other.  Ethan senses it is the weekend too, I’m sure.  He always seems happier when we pick him up on Friday evenings :)

And what’s better than the weekend?  Why, a 3-day weekend of course!  Which was what we had a couple of weeks back due to Merdeka Day falling on a Sunday.  Monday was automatically a holiday for us too, so in addition to our blissful afternoon naps together (which I look forward to each weekend, by the way), Sunday night didn’t seem so forlorn after all, since we also had Monday to look forward to.

That particular Monday morning, Pete and I planned to take Ethan for our long-procrastinated morning walk at The Botanical Gardens.  It had been ages since we took him there, so I was very determined to make our plan come into fruition.

So on Monday morning, I hauled myself out of bed, tired and weary, but the thought of Ethan’s happy face when he gets to go one on one with nature spurred and inspired me.  I dragged Pete out of bed too, and hurried to get ready.  By the time we reached Botanical Gardens, it was already 9:15a.m. but still not too hot, and there were still plenty of people around.

At first Ethan didn’t want to get down and asked to be carried instead, but as soon as he spotted people jogging past him, he made a lurch for the ground, and started running too, giggling happily and stopping now and then to point out, “Bird!”, “Tree!”, etc.

I managed to capture a video of our little runner too, but it was from the back.  See, he was running so fast, that I couldn’t get my phone out quick enough to run in front of him and get him running from the front. LOL.

All in all, we made two rounds round Botanical Gardens; one small round for starters, and a second larger round.  The larger round involved climbing up a steep incline, the one leading to the hiking trail Pete and I used to explore frequently many moons ago.

During the second round round the Botanical Gardens, Ethan would sometimes ask to be carried, and Pete said he heard him panting a little too.  So our little boy is also smart enough to save his energy and knows how to rest when he is tired too!

We made a few pit stops at some rest areas, to enjoy the scenery and surroundings too.

And at the end of our morning exercise, look at the little one replenishing his body with some thirst-quenching H20. :)


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