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Both Pete and I had a 2-week long Christmas and New Year break to look forward to, and so we decided to do something extra special with Ethan for Christmas.

Filled with excitement and anticipation, we got up as early as we could and headed out on our road trip.  It was gonna take about 6 hours to reach Anaheim, CA (home of Disneyland) and we were hoping to get there as soon as possible so we would have ample time for rest.  In the end, we only left our home at about 10:16a.m., stopped for lunch at In n Out in Gilroy, and continued on with our journey after that.

Along the way, Ethan was very intrigued by the surrounding sights and entertained us with his endless chatter.  He pointed out “many trees”, “animals” like “horses”, “cows”, “pigs”, and when we passed some snow-capped mountains, he exclaimed, “many colors!”

Shortly after that, Ethan fell asleep and slept for a good 2-3 hours.  At one time, I thought he was gonna wake up, but he only yawned, changed his position and continued in slumberland.

Of course, when he woke up, he was all bright and cheerful and in a good mood.

We arrived in Anaheim at about 5:00p.m., slightly delayed due to some traffic jams when we were passing the LA area.  Thanks to our newly-purchased GPS though, we were somewhat able to avoid part of the jam because it was intelligent enough to lead us on different routes where possible.  :)

We were all very tired, especially Pete, who had driven for about 7 hours (excluding that short lunch break in Gilroy), and as soon as we walked into our hotel room (more like an inn, really), we were rather disappointed to note how tiny it was!  All three of us would have to squeeze into one queen-sized bed, and the washroom was also very small, although it could fit a bathtub and a WC.  Thankfully though, there was a microwave and a small fridge in the room.  Well, we would only be using the room to sleep in, so it was not too bad, we hoped.

Ethan was definitely all geared up for the adventures in the coming days.  He saw a Disneyland banner outside our hotel/inn as we were driving in and immediately shouted, “Mickey!”

Needless to say, we all slept quite early that night, i.e. before 11:00p.m.  It would have been a peaceful night’s sleep had it not been for some stranger knocking on our door at 1:00+a.m.  thinking it was her room.  SIGH.

Pete and I had a special surprise in the form of a Christmas present for Ethan, but we did not bring it along on our trip.  So the morning after we reached home, after he had showered and got dressed, we told him we had a surprise for him, that we were giving him a present.

Boy, if you could only see his face light up, as he smiled and said, “Present!”


And then as he tore the wrapper bit by bit, his anticipation and curiosity became joy and happiness as he discovered that he was gonna have a new toy: a 71-piece Lego-Duplo set!  He immediately started playing with it (and so did his Daddy!), and before long Ethan was already building stuff!


Check out that giraffe structure, which he did all on his own!


Now he would tell us, “I built a house!” and show us his very colorful house which is usually the tallest tower he can construct… or he would build a truck, or an airplane…oh ooops…sorry…the airplane was built by Daddy for Ethan!

It’s definitely THE perfect gift for Ethan to hone his creativity and imagination, and next up, we are eyeing the expansion pack…heh…cuz frankly 71 pieces ain’t enough to go around! :D

On Friday evening before we started our Christmas vacation, Ethan came back from daycare with a beautiful work of art.  Well, beautiful in my eyes, I would say.


According to Van, he had made the red Christmas stocking all on his own, with her instructions, and he had stuck all the stars, deco and cotton by himself.  Now what’s a mother to do other than to proudly display it on the fridge? :)

The artwork on the right was also made by Ethan a few days earlier, using popcorn as snow.

Scrap Credits
“QuickPage Glam Xmas” from Fanette
White Christmas mini kit  from Southern Creek Designs
Snowflakes from Misfits Scrapz
Christmas Bling from Lindsay Jane Designs

We’re back home now from our one-week vacation, and I am so proud of Ethan for he behaved himself rather well throughout the trip.  He has learnt so much and gained so much from our trip, and I am sure the memories will stay with him forever.

Scrap Credits
Quick Pages Sampler 6 from Amanda Heimann Designs
The Little Drummer Boy frame and polka-dotted paper from Piggyscraps
Winter Spell -Partie 2 tag element from Lilipruneau
Splats Freebie from Sev Designs
Ice Cold Alpha from Christie Lemmon Designs
Heart doodles from fei-fei’s stuff

Ethan’s favoritese character right now is none other than Mickey Mouse.  His face will light up with joy whenever he sees Mickey strolling up the path at the beginning of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show, and even before the show starts, he will ask for “Mickey!  Mickey!”  And if we allow him to start watching the show in the morning before work, we have to wait till the show finishes with the Hot Dog Dance before we can leave the house.  SIGH.

We recently bought him a Mickey Mouse soft toy from the Disney Store at the mall at a steal! It was only $8 and he absolutely loves it.  Sometimes, he would *share* his water, his milk, his muffin, etc with Mickey.  And sometimes he would also take Mickey on horsey rides on his shoulders, much like what we do with him.  He really loves his Mickey dearly, and as his mood allows, he would also ask for Mickey before he goes to sleep.

Well, no prizes for guessing where we will be heading off to for our Christmas vacation next week! :D

Ethan at 34 months

Scrap Credits
Kit Féérie from Cécile Design
Asphault Alphas from starwarsgirl06
Netter’s Alphas from Scarlet Heels


Did not weigh him recently, but he certainly looks more *bulat* now.


36 inches


We recently discovered that Ethan LOVES to brush his teeth together with his Daddy.  So whenever we get the opportunity, both of them will brush their teeth together.  After all, we have 2 bathroom sinks side by side to accomodate that :)

Developmental Milestones

  • Can and chooses to unzip his jacket and remove it all by himself.  In fact, he wants to do most things by himself now, including buckling himself up in the car seat.
  • Can recognize and verbalize most colors, for instance “yellow”, “red”, “blue”, “brown”, “purple”, “white” and “green”.  For some reason, though, “orange” is still “afoo” to him.
  • Picking up words and expressions we use like a sponge.  His favorite one currently is, “Oh man!” (which I think he heard from watching Dora the Explorer).
  • More 2-syllable words and 2-word phrases too are used by Ethan now, like “C’mon!”, “Color”, “pancake”, “masee” (for “muffin”), “forbee” (for “strawberry”), “jacket”, “water” (he *rolls* this word like the angmohs) and oh yes, of course “Mickey”, “Minnie”, “Goofy”, “Donald”, “Daisy” and “Barney”.  “Pluto” is still “dog” to him LOL.
  • Has begun *singing*.  He loves it when I sing the ABC song, and sometimes he would join in too.  But he is rather self-conscious and if we look at him while he is *singing*, he’ll just stop.
  • Pronunciation of numbers is getting more precise.  He says “seven” clearly now, instead of “fem”, and we also heard him distinctly say “thirteen”.
  • Loves playing with a computer software game at daycare, and according to Van, Ethan can handle the mouse pretty well.  At home, we let him play around on the Playhouse Disney site.


He still needs us to click on the button that says “Oh, Toodles!” but he just simply loves holding the mouse and moving it around!

  • Learning to love watching movies too.  We recently bought the Happy Feet DVD, and he totally adores the dancing penguin!  He sat through most of the movie though, although he fell asleep half way.

Food and Feeding

Rice is still his staple food, and he absolutely LOVES English muffins with butter.  From his daily daycare reports, we learnt that sometimes Ethan will request for rice if noodles are served.

Oh yeah, and he still loves to eat whatever Daddy eats, especially at breakfast.


Scrap Credits
Ambiance Feutrée kit from Boutique

Scrap Credits
“Name that kit” QP freebie from
Mesokee Designs
HoldEmUps from Tara Dunstan
“A Walk in the Park” eclectic alphas from Tangie Baxter Designs

Guess what?  Ethan’s afraid of the sun!

It’s true!!!  Everytime we go out for car rides or to the mall when it’s sunny out, as soon as the warm sunshine hits him, he will start complaining, “Aaarrgghhh!!!!  Sun!  Sun!! SUN!!!”  It’s just too funny actually…

And he wants *me* to reach over from the front seat and shield his face from the sun with my hand!  I always tell him, “Boy, you can cover your face yourself too!”  But nooooo……Mommy has to do it.

I always tease Ethan by saying, “How can you live in sunny California where all the surfer dudes are, and yet dislike the sun so much?”  Hehe….oh, and he is very happy when we allow him to wear our sunshades.  That picture above was taken about two months back though, where he is seen sporting my pair of shades. 

Maybe it’s time we got you your OWN sunnies, huh Ethan? :)


NOW do you see why we are always worried about getting complaints from our neighbors downstairs?

Scrap Credits
Cozy collection & Bellissimo freebie from retrodiva {designs}™
Kit “Memory” Costura cross-stitch from Sueli Colbert
HoldEmUps from Tara Dunstan
Elegant Fall Alphas (punctuation commas) fromTracy King
Paper word strips from Sugarplum Paperie

Among the many words that have crept into Ethan’s vocabulary of late, one very important and precious word has been added too.  And that word is “sorry”.

However, he doesn’t really use it much in the apologetic manner, but more so when he accidentally bumps, or hurts himself.  For example, when he is playing or running around, and he accidentally falls down or knocks his knee, he will put on a really adorable and sad face and say, “Oh sorry, sorry…”.  And only when we kiss the spot that hurts does he go about his own business again.

Speaking of getting hurt accidentally, we have noticed that since Ethan started attending daycare, he has become more gungho and is more adventurous.  Sometimes he throws caution to the wind, and well, ends up getting hurt.

But regardless, with that face, and that tone of voice going, “Sorry”, it’s really hard to resist not giving him a hug and kiss!


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